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964 won't start any clues?


New member
25 May 2013
Hi i have a 1993 964 c2 Cab, my problem is it will not start, the car was stood for a while over winter but will now not start. We have checked most things out and narrowed it down to a what we think is a low pressure fuel problem.

I have replaced the DME and we can hear the fuel pump running when engaged, we have fuel flowing from the out going side of the filter, the engine cranks over but does not fire.

A bit of easy start in the air intakes does get a small cough from her which leads me to thing that the fuel is not getting past the injectors that may be caused by low pressure.

Is the problem likely to be with the pump or the pressure regulator?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Cant help on the fuel aspect but are you sure you are getting a spark at the plugs?

Also do you have an immobiliser and if so are you sure it is disengaging :dont know:
Sorry, I can't help either, but :welcome:

And please update us when the fault is found, it may help others in the future.

I am hoping that mine might fire up today as well, after10 months of silence.

Good luck.
Had exactly the same situation....was a failed crankshaft sensor...would bet that is the issue.
If it starts on easy start then the spark is ok if fuel is flowing but not starting then it quite likely to be stale fuel

Good luck

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