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964 with complete engine clutch & flywheel overhaul...

cc francis

15 Jan 2013
I have a Iris blue 964 3.6 and had the total re-build done 4k miles ago...top / bottom / clutch and flywheel by some very nice guys in Liverpool (well very close by and well known to most).

Previously had loads of work done on it as it's been my baby for the last 6 years. Targa roof is a little sad as are seats, but goes like the be-jesus now and constantly garaged with FSH. Any ideas how much to ask for one of these with 144 on clock but running gear only 4 or 5 k old? I've started a new business and may have to wrench my heart out by selling it..although not a done deal as yet

Any ideas gratefully received from all......cheers... :dont know:
Difficult to tell without photos and thorough info, but Ph classifieds and this very forums and classified for sale section should start to give you a rough idea.

Prices of all '64s have been climbing very recently tho...

Cheers chris..It's one of those know unknowns as engine and drivetrain are valuable in themselves and had new discs, the works over the last few years. I've seen some with 140k going for 8995, which - to my mind - seems ludicrous, but you can bet they've never been overhauled.

Will take a peek at Pistons, etc..
What was done in the "full rebuild" and what did it cost.
The guys at Unit 11 in Warrington did it for me...legends, they really are.

Top end re-build, heads, valves, chains, rings, bottom end, bearings, gaskets, little end, chain guides, (bent and straight), valve springs, retainers, breather pipe, powder coating, barrel nuts, flywheel, clutch (kit, fork, bolts) guide sleeve, fork shaft, seal, various bearings and seals.

Typically, you are looking at (I have been told) between 8-10 dependent upon state of engine. Mine was less as I knew a contact...but with engine out for top end anyway (snapped a nut), thought it worth doing and results are eye-opening.

As an aside, they has just finished a re-build on an RS (old school). Was v. jealous of the bloke driving that away. Stunning.
I wouldn't sell with the roof or seats in poor shape, its well worth having them done by Unit Eleven or use their auto trimmers, their work is first rate. It would not cost a lot and then I would think the car would then command good money, I guess 15-20k if it presents well and suspension in good shape. Better still, do the work and keep her!
Put an advert on here and/or PH - prices for 964 coupes are very strong and if the Targa is a good 'un likewise.

Unit11 engine work will hold it in good stead as they are well respected.

Assessment of bodywork is very useful as these cars are now beginning to show their age.

What I have noticed is cars are either sold within a week or linger for several despite low prices which indicates there is a lot of work required or a story to tell.
Really appreciate the input from everyone

Yup, seats and roof were last on list but point well made and taken on board

Am really hoping can keep it as its a bonefide cracker now :)

Just wanting to bounce ideas...

Cheers all and enjoy the noise....

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