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964 steering wheel questions...


7 Apr 2012

My 964 has the steering wheel from the flat nose turbo special edition, it's a three armed wheel with the gold crest in the middle. Does anyone know if this was available as an option on the car? As its from such a rare car I'm not sure how easy it must of been to get hold of...

Anyway if its not original to the car and possibly worth something (any ideas on value?) I may sell it and get an original 964 wheel. So next question is the 964 wheel (the one with the rectangular airbag) the same as the wheel from a 944, and 924? As they look the same.

Anyone have an old wheel they no longer want?


If its this one? It is the RS wheel and an upgrade wheel that a lot of 964 have to replace the standard. Other type was ATWIE with a POrsche crest added. You can still get them both from eBay and Porsche parts suppliers.


The 924/944 wheel if I recall didn't have an airbag but a padded cantre panel. These at £50 from eBay. 1993+ 964 had the large rectangle airbag design which I have to say is not a great design in my view.
Hi Darren,

Have you tried the wheel you want to buy? I ask because I just changed mine last week, from the one you want to a Momo Prototipo and i'm amazed how much it transforms the driving experience - I really disliked the original wheel.

I'm not suggesting you won't like your desired wheel - just see if you can try it before you buy it.

If by any chance you are in the North East you can try my old wheel.

Agree with the above post - original wheel is not nice! Swapped mine pretty much as soon as I got the car. Original tucked away should I need to return the car to standard.
Hi Darren

I replaced the original wheel also on my 964 for the same reason as the other guys here. The wheel just felt too skinny for my liking and I have never really liked the design.

I replaced mine with a new original Porsche Club Sport one which is so much better and transformed the car for me (see the before and after pics below). It has a lovely matt black leather finish with the Porsche emblem embossed in the centre (a bit less blingy than the actual Porsche badge I felt). Real quality look and feel and a nice thick rim!

If you still want an original 964 wheel then just PM me an offer :thumb:


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Oh yes, when I ordered the Club Sport wheel they had to ship in from Germany as the ones for the 3.2 SC wouldn't fit. So although they may look the same I don't think they all have the same hub. :dont know:
The hub adaptor is changeable.
Bought a CS wheel off a 3.2, and swapped the hub adaptoer.
Available from Atiwe.de

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