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964 Servicing costs per year:


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8 Mar 2007
I am sort of being put off the 964 by friends who are saying "oh, I looked into that but I could never afford the servicing costs". I will be doing about 5k miles a year and the car will be garaged, for use as my weekend car. What would I need to be putting aside a year to fix and service my 964 if I buy a decent one with oil leaks work etc done? I was thinking of a TVR Cerbera but the owners on Piston Heads told me that they average 3k sterling a year to run their cars!! Are the 964's anything like that? In a service what needs to be done and how much would an Independent cost to do things like oil change, bushes and even things like a new clutch etc?

I would really appreciate an idea of how much you put into your 964 per year, as this may be a show stopper if it's anything like the TVRs!!

Thanks a million,


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check out the JZmachtech site for examples for menu pricing

but you are at the mercy of your local specialist !

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In the stack of service receipts I got with mine an oil change averages about �200 and a full service (12,000 miles) about �700. The latter is expensive compared to other 911s because it involves about 9 hours labour due to the need to remove the exhaust to adjust the valve clearances and change the plugs. If you need the odd oil pipe replaced at the same time then that would add a little extra to the bill.

If you're handy with a spanner then you can save a lot of money e.g. I've just bought rear discs, pads and sensors for 165 including delivery. A garage would charge over 300 quid to do this for you.

On your mileage I woud be getting an oil change service one year and a full service the next. Hardly a large price to pay for so much enjoyment :)

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Plus the TVR owners have to fork out on full AA cover to fire up their cars in a morning - one thing that 911 owners usually do not have to worry about too much!


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I've had my C4 for about 7 months and 5k miles now and the only things I've HAD to do are an oil change (£200), change the hot air blower (£80 as I did it myself) and a new idle valve (£140). On top of this I've spent £850-£950 on petrol

In my Golf TDI in the same time i've done the same mileage. Spent £300 on service and £375 on petrol. On top of this the car has lost at least £500 in depreciation.

I would say sensible running costs for a years (5k miles) motoring, excluding Insurance, tax and fuel would probably run to hundreds not thousands. Especially if you do what you can yourself and are careful who does the rest. Occasionally you will get hit with a big bill say when the clutch goes but If you buy a well sorted car and look after it it will still be worth what you paid for it when you're ready to get rid.

The real cost of ownership are not the thigs you need but the things you want. £750 for a couple of trackdays with Insurance and fuel, £1500 for new suspension, £300 for a meal, beers and the strip club when you go out with these lot in Birmingham - tut tut tut

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I cant remember exactly but when I bought my car I had a full service performed (3 cans of oil, 12 plugs etc etc) and I think the bill was about £500.

Disks are about £50 each. Quite resonable and no where near TVR costs!!!!

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I would imagine if you buy a good un (have a PPI check, ensure there is a service history, talk to the company performing the last service etc..) then MOST things required will have been sorted. So maintenance costs 'should' be in the £500 a year area MAX based on your proposed useage. Of course you can never guarantee that something might go bang! but thats a risk with any car not under warranty.

Just out of interest what is your budget?

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Thanks all. My budget is around 15k GBP.... as it'll cost me another few k in VRT tax to take it into Ireland... so I reckon 15k should see me well sorted yea??

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by AdrianGraham2007 on 20 March 2007

Thanks all. My budget is around 15k GBP.... as it'll cost me another few k in VRT tax to take it into Ireland... so I reckon 15k should see me well sorted yea??
You've just missed an absolute beauty in Peterborough (IMO) - Guards red C2, loads of mods, everything sorted (according to the add). It was on Pistonheads for ages and had just been dropped to £14,999 and then got snapped up by a dealer and is now for sale for a higher price. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that but it shows that if you choose well, there are great deals to be had when buying privately.

Look on Pistonheads and you'll see a 104K mile car that is both sold in one add and for sale in another :wink:

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Tell me about it, that one in Peter'b was amazing. I had been in touch with the provate seller but still have to sell my own.... and now the dealer has already taken a deposit on it.... still, I am confident the right one will some along for me... I hope!

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