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964 purchase from formulae Fuchs

giles saville

New member
12 Feb 2004
Hi guys,

My first post on this excellent forum is regarding my new 964 which i will hopefully be collecting on Sat from Fuchs in Newark. Really looking forward to it but am alittle worried having read previous posts that they may not sort the problems correctly that the PPI threw up. Car is a LHD 92 C4 coupe in black with black leather etc. 3 previous owners, 73k, full OPC and new clutch/flywheel/4 x discs/pads and tyres. Cost is £17495. Alittle high for a lHD but in excellent condition and drove very well.

PPI threw up small leak from oil pipe to tank (fixed by adjustment apparently?), new oil tank rubber mounts needed, new R/h engine heat shield needed (badly corroded), new speedo needed (not working and peeling internally, paying for new part myself! with mph conversion), re-rust proof front underside from kerbing, fix ashtray (wont close), 4 wheel alighnment, new MOT, 6 months tax. Did'nt really haggle on price as by far the best i've tested and driven but expect all probs to be fixed as dont want to drive 120 miles if its not properly ready. Would the heat shield be an engine out and how will the oil line adjustment work? PPi took 4 hours and was very thorough (Geoff Mee indep specialist inspector) so hoping all will be well. The car is to be my daily 50 mile commute and needs to be fully sorted.

I intend to phone dealer tommorow to get full list of whats been done and if not why not as was agreed prior to price. Also Aircon to be checked as working well.

Comments or advice on the above very welcome



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I have been one of those to post somewhat negative comments about Fuchs in the past, but I would also say that they seem pretty honest. I would just make double sure they have fixed everything you expect them to have fixed. Ask very specific questions over the phone and check the car over VERY carefully when you go to pick it up - be willing to walk away if it is not right - there are always other cars out there, and as you say, it is not exactly a bargain at £18K.

I would have thought the heat-shield is an engine-in job (although I don't know for sure) and it is possible, although I would have thought unlikely, that the oil leak can be fixed by adjusting/tightening the hose. I would want to see records of all the work they are meant to have carried out. E.g I am sure they don't have facilities to do alignments themselves so they should have a receipt from somewhere that does.

I would also make sure you have a couple of grand put aside for fixing things that come to light in 6 months time - there is always something.

Finally, has the car had a distributor belt vent kit fitted? If not, get one fitted and the belt changed straight away.

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Thanks for the reply,

The car does have the dist kit fitted as standard as its a late '92 from Germany originally. Not sure if Fuchs understood the dist belt needing replacement as they said wait til it goes then replace it!! I was under the impression that if unlucky this could cause pre-detonation and piston holing?. As you said it is'nt a bargain but am prepared to pay full price if fully sorted. Am also prepared to walk away if not done correctly. I could have bought cheaper, but saw some real dogs out there, and the brand new clutch/flywheel/discs/pads/tyres should help keep those associated costs down for the foreseeable future. My only worry is when a top end rebuild is needed but was told that would not be for atleast 50k+ as engine is very good. Fuchs dont offer a a warranty but if anything is'nt right within a few weeks i'll be straight back as consumer rights state that car must be in condiion/with features they describe and 'buyer beware' is'nt applicable to a dealer.

I'm sure its just pre-purchase nerves as they do seem honest enough but will want as you say a full description of work carried out and reciepts plus a good look when i get there. Still dying to get let loose in the beauty though, trouble is these cars sell themselves and it was hard to walk away from several or not spend more than i can afford on the spot! Have been lucky with cars in the past, long may it continue.



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Good luck with it. I agree paying top dollar you are entitled to expect that everything is as it should be, don't be afraid to walk away. I saw that car on their website and it looks an absolute peach, v. envious !

If you get the car from them in time, how about a trackday at Bedford Autodrome on Sat 6th March to see what it can really do ? Have a look at the thread in the Trackdays and meetings section.

Hope it all goes to plan.


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