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964 Cab Tip ...HELP...


New member
11 Feb 2004
I have now been looking for a long long time for a 964 C4 Cab with a Tip Box. I have been warned against the Tip and in fact against the C4 (better go for the C2 easier on the clutch for manual types)

However i would much prefer the 4 WD and the beauty of having the Tip box.

Are they out there and where, pleeeeez help me..... :oops:

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Unless you REALLY need the tip, I would give it a miss.

C2s being easier on the clutch than C4s? I'm not sure if this is even true, but if it is it would make hardly any difference.

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I dunno, really fancy a tiptronic, hence my choice, with regards to the clutch issue i was kinda told this by both the 911 virgin boys and JZ Mach.

Confused and annoyed cos still havent found one.

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I would drive a tiptronic and a manual before you come to these conclusions. The 964 tip is basically an auto. The only way you can change gear yourself is with this...thing...don't know what it is. There aren't buttons like in the 993s and onwards. I think...

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Well noony

Te tip on that year was the first 'ish' sequential box without the steering wheel control. Admitedly it is am auto box with a manual option, as oppesed to the M3 SMG gearbox which is a manual with an auto option (substantial difference)

The tip is slower but hey, i live in london so i would like the option to take it easy once in a while.


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best bet is to drive a few examples so you could a good feel for the box. With regards to a 964 C4 tip, you won't find one 'cos the tip was only available on the C2 model. So I guess it comes down to which model - do you want the added security of 4wd or the ease of the tip box?

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oh sh**** just realised i said C4......idiot i am didnt realise...yes you are correct C2 Tip...



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