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964 cab or coup?


New member
21 Jan 2003

During the next 2 months I hope to purchase my fist 911. :)

I have mainly been looking at RHD 964 C4s , but I have a dilema, do I go for the traditional coupe or the 'fun in sun' soft top?

I will mainly be using this as a weekend car, with no plans for track days. I have a budget of approx £18k (is this enough??)

What are your opinions on the 964 cab, is there anything I should look out for apart from the obvious roof damage? (I will be getting a PPI aswell!)

I would also appreciate it if anyone could advise on how much cash I should stash away for servicing/maintenace per year for a 964?



Ps - great forum!

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Cabriolets are great fun when the sun is out and your driving for the fun of it, rather than to and from work in traffic. Over here they are the way forward, the sun shines 360 days of the year.

In the UK your chances of getting the roof down without getting wet are somewhat more limited. With a cabriolet, you are likely to spend the 9 months missing out on the better driving experience of a coupe, waiting for the good weather to come only to find out that next summer consists of 3 sunny days, all of which you are working and can't use the Porsche. With your budget in the UK I would try for a 92 or later coupe on the private market. Then you should avoid the engine dramas of the earlier cars.

I had a 92 C2 cabriolet here a few years ago, which apart from the usual services and tyres cost me next to nothing to own. A friend had a 90 C2 cab that cost him thousands over the last few years with engine trouble. Both were low millage fsh cars that were well looked after but the 1990 has the different cylinder barrels which seem to cause endless problems.

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Had a 964 C2 cab for 5 years and loved it to bits. Running costs were not horrendous. Pauls points are very true but there is something very english about driving around topless when, whilst it may not be raining, the clouds would have norwegian cod stealers heading for port. Its the 'life on the edge' thing I guess. The only niggle with mine was a small tear close to the hinge point above the rear screen. Apparently they are prone to the seam/beading/stitching giving up after time. Other than that, just loads of driving pleasure.

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Thanks for that guys,

Got a few more weeks to think about it anyway.

Has anyone every used a company called prestige and performance ltd, I think there website is
? They say they specailise in first time buyers (like me!)

I will be having a PPI done before I buy from anywhere, but this seems a decent place to start. Im a bit nervous about buying private, so I figured if a decent dealer has taken the car on, and I have a PPI, at least 2 people who should know a good car from a bad one, will have given it a good once over.

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Harry - some stuff about 911 Virgin on this thread.


Short version is that they are a "Pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap(ish)" outfit. Don't let that put you off though. I've brought, and sold, a couple of cars with them and have always found them first rate. Henry (the owner) can be a bit brash at times but only because he doesn't suffer fools gladly. You be honest with them and they'll be the same with you.

As for Cab or Coupe, well.............Coupes are for boys and Cabs are for girls. I will now spend an amusing morning watching my PC go up in flames from all the hate e-mail replies :wink:

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Don't worry cab owners, it's Chris that's the girl.

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That from the boy who was the inspiration for Poon's winning caption !

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Ahem. I'm a young adult actually.

(And no I'm not turning poofy, I wasn't on my computer)

Back on topic, I would get a coupe, more rigid, less chassis flex etc. Plus no worries of the hood not working.

Back off topic, surely some other people have MSN?

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Why do you ask about MSN noony?

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So somebody can defend me from Chris :(

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What is the MSN process then? Set times?

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MSN process is:

See Noony sign on.....then abuse him ! Works for me. :wink:

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Haha more like the other way round Chris.

James weeknights I'm on 4-10 usually and no set time at weekends. Yes I do have no life.

Need somebody sensible and knowledgeable to talk to......

......I love you really Chris! And remember, your wife told me many things......

Anybody who wants to add me magical_moony(at)msn(dot)com

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Thanks for the link CT993,

Its useful to know a bit of background about a company (especaily car dealers) before dealing with them. I did find it a bit strange that they also sold fork lifts though!

I will keep looking around, hopefully I will have a few options with the budget I have!

for the record my opinion on 'cab's for girls', Mx5s definetley, Z3z probably, boxster occasionally, 911 never (with the exception of a pink one I saw once - I think the official colour was rubystone red - nice!)

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cabs are great cars .
theres a lot of nonsense spread by the internet about chassis flex and not being a driver's car ...
and it is just that . NONSENSE !!!
of course , there is a little flex , but these are 70k handbuilt cars ;) from an engineering company that have been building convertibles for a LONG time !!! its not as bad as people make out ;)
as an example , there is a lot of rubbish spoken about earlier gearboxes ... most of it written by people who have never stirred one ... note : carrera rs owners tend not to complain ;)
its the same with the 964 cab .
what better way to enjoy the engine than with no roof ??
theyre great cars and i recommend them . the only problem is ... there isn't a bad 964 , so at the end of the day it depends on what you want exactly .

i think porsche had the last laugh at all the internet guys slating there convertibles (i guess to make there coupes seem better) when they brought out the carreraGT and 9r6 with no roof !!!
drivers car ??? you gotta ba having a laugh :floor:

all joking aside , i seriously dont think there is a bad 964 .
i like them all . the targa is a good alternative well worth looking at imho , allthough both the cab and the targa do lose out in the classic 911 shape .

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