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964 & 993 are better than 996

Robert Ward

New member
11 May 2003
I believe that the air cooled porsches will outlast any of the newer water cooled cars as we all know what problems we get with the water cooled engines. The noise is not the same in a water cooled porsche as the air cooled ones. My friends who have driven my 964 C2 Cab think its nicer than their 996 and wondered why they bought one now without trying the older cars. I can see why if you only have one car you might buy a 996 but not if you have it as a second or third car.

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It's like buying a new-build house rather than buying a period property just because it's new. You lose the character buying new, except I guess for the very expensive new builds.


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nostalgia was better in the old days....

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Has anyone noticed that 993 feels more like BMW/Mercs/VW. The build quality, the way the doors close and the interior. Very good still but just lack the "machined out of a single lump of alloy" feel. Even engine noise is very simmillar to other modern cars. Nothing can beat 993/964......

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Has anybody who has contributed to this thread actually driven a 996? My Dad's C4 still has the porsche sound, still looks like a porsche, goes faster than previous equivalent models, weighs less, handles better etc. Porsche needed to modernise their cars. If they'd have done another 993 we would all be saying porsche are stuck in the past.

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And yes, he had a 993 until a few days ago, so I do know what that feels like too. Sure it looks and sounds great, but the so does the 996. I feel that the 996 filters out all unnecessary noise and vibrations and so on. It's more comfortable and practical but you still get all the road feel and feedback you would ever need.

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I have driven a 996 and considered buying a 996 C4 CAbrio and getting rid of my 964. I have to say the 996 is more refined and more predictable to drive like driving a mercedes. My 964 has a "roaring" sound when you accelerate and is a real handfull as opposed to the 996 which is more like a rounded out grand tourer if you ask me.

I am only considering the 996 again as I want a hard top/soft top now that I have decided to sell my Range Rover and become a two car family.

Even friends who have new 996's say my car sounds better and has good power to weight ratio as it can leave theres in some circumstances. Dont know if the new ones are heavier but I heard the cat converter can sap power.

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I think that comparing the 993/964 to the 996 is a bit unfair as you have to remember why the 996 is designed the way that it is, i.e. Larger, more refined, "rounded GT". It was designed as a replacement to capture both the outgoing 928 owners and retain those whose had owned previous 911's.

You've also got to remember that Porsche has designed 996's to meet all pockets and needs, from the C2 right up to the truely hardcore GT2.

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Old forum user Unidentified(4266) wrote:

Robert"rounded out grand tourer" ?? try a new GT3 - might be the 996 you're looking for.

The "machined out of a single lump of alloy" feel of previous Porsche models has also been lost on newer Mercedes, BMW etc. The latest S class is a good example. Increased use of plastics, thinner gauge steel, aluminium and even "chipboard" are partly to blame, as is the need to make a profit! Porsche is very profitable.

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my opinion for what its worth...

i had a merc slk; now got a 2002 C2 996 with a lot of bits, 18inch wheels lowered sports suspension, wheel spacers, sports seats, carbon fibre pack etc.

if someone has left a toffee-wrapper on the road ahead and I run over it, I do feel it through the cabin. (some would call that sporting, i would call it annoying).

i'm glad of the digital speed read out, as i'd never see the bloody speedo...

cornering is on rails, can't imagine why i'd want 4-wheel drive!

build quality: the dash creaks already!! is that "hewn from stone"??

the switchgear is made from old biro's i think and has all the tactile quality of a christmas cracker toy, which is a shame as its the first thing your hands feel. (OK, second after the wheel!).

i'm not convinced the stereo is that clever, despite the umpteen (carbon fibre surrounded) speakers, 6-way power amp thingy and 6 cd player. it still sounds muddy to me. i can turn it up, then it sounds boomy....

the merc is 4 years old and doesn't creak groan or otherwise bang. the switchgear is still far more satisfying to operate than the 996.

the merc is no sports car, but ultimately over a motorway journey and in town (thats 80% of my driving...) it provdes a more soothing ride.

however for over-the-top mental pull away power the 996 wins.

plus i get to play with the PCM (never a dull moment, then.)

hmmm.... looks like the honeymoon is over now....

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If you don't like the bumps maybe you shouldn't haved lowered the suspension.... :)

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