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964 - 1st time buyer

Goncalo Proenca

New member
15 Jan 2006
Hi there folks,

Greetings from Lisbon.

I'm moving myself to London to work for the next... well, years. I never owned a car and I want to buy a car. Originally thought of a Jag XJR, big and fast but then one ting stuck me - I'm single and well, since childhood I , like every normal kid, dreamt about 911's.

So I started looking for 964's and they somewhat fit into my budget but I would like your advice in several topics :

+ is the 964 a good buy as in a 1st car or I'm dreaming too high ? should I go for a 944 or 968 to get used to and then move to the 964 ?

+ coming from Portugal, we are used to LHD and these are more "usable" choices to me. Usually, after reading and reading, they somewhat carry the bad badge of being german import cars that were previously damaged. Is that so, rule of thumb ? Even with full FSH ?

+ any good dealers ? I liked the cars of Eporsch.co.uk ; I will live in London, distance doesnt matter.

+ Apart from damping and oil leaks, any other real issues that I should be on the look out ?

+ do you people recommend any guide for buyers ? I've seen several but dont know which one is the best. Advice please ? :)

+ What should I care about milage ? I've seen vehicles from 50 to 120k miles... I know that the less the better, but which is a fair average ?

thank you for all the help and hope to see you in UK roads in a while :)

Goncalo Proenca

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oh about budget. 15,000 pounds would be my max.. I've seen 964's rangning from 11 to 17k... is 13-14 a good price tag or impossbile to get a decent car in this range ?

Plus , sorry for the ignorance, but I'm a couple of weeks of moving to the UK and I know that 911's carry Insurance group 20.. As rule of thumb, that is what per annum ?

Thank you again

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Hi Gonalo and welcome to both the forum and the UK.

When you say it's your first car, do you mean you have had company cars before and this will be your first car you have owned yourself? A 911 is not a car for an inexperienced driver.

The Insurance premium is based on many factors such as where you are living, where the car is kept overnight (garage, driveway, road etc.) your age and driving record (if you have had accidents or convictions for driving in the last 5 years) the value of the car and how many miles you drive each year. The best thing you could do is speak to an Insurance company over here first to get an idea of what it might cost. If you look at some of the earlier threads on here you will get an idea of the names of the companies we use.

Good luck.

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also try 911virgin who have a few 964's..

- 964 v 968/944 are 2 very different cars apart from the badge.. like comparing the boxster to the 911

- mileage isn't an issue, buy on condition

- LHD here is fine, many of us have leftie's over here, even myself !

- buyers guides, Adrian Crawford & Peter Morgan amongst others do some very good ones, worth buying..


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