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957 GTS manual gearbox


New member
8 Feb 2021
Hi everyone, first post here. I am possibly returning to the Porsche world after many years absence.
I have been tempted by a 957 GTS with manual gearbox. The vehicle has only 52k miles on it so not expecting gearbox issues any time soon but does anyone know what other vehicles this 'box is used in?

I am no doubt being overly cautious, but am also curious.

Back in the day you could order virtually any component, gearbox or otherwise with a little help from the PET catalogue.
Looking at the PET catalogue for this vehicle shows only a pretty picture of the complete gearbox, no internal parts. I guess this means it is only available as an exchange unit. But maybe it's a VAG part?

Googling hasn't helped, so just wondered if anyone here knows.

Cheers, John.

ex 924, 944t, 930 owner.
:welcome: to 911uk John

I can't help with your query but I'm sure that others will be able to.

Non 911 type numbers aren't well known on here so I had to look up 957. To avoid others having to do the same.

957 = A 2008-2010 Cayenne.
You are certainly buying a very different Porsche from your previous cars ..

Very different !

Basically a manual Cayenne is as rare as hens teeth .. i've worked on about 5 in 17 years fixing Porsches .

I've never seen nor heard of issues with the gearbox and to be honest there are other areas on these i would be more concerned about such PDCC or air suspension .

The box will have a part number on it .. Porsche don't remove the VW number and stamp their own so by finding that number and googling it will say what vehicle it also fits ..

It Will be from an Audi / Vw though as Porsche wont have developed a specific gearbox for such a limited amount of cars .. it's off the shelf basically .

FYI .. i did a training course whereby the final questions to pass the test and they used the correct Porsche designation for them ..

I know Cayenne .. i know Cayenne turbo and the years/ models . I DON'T know the designation numbers .. i failed the course because of that .. sigh .

Cayenne Turbo year 2009 and i'll tell you whatever you want to know lol a designation number is something i've never bothered memorising on ANY model of Porsche .

No offence ... i'm annoyed at failing a training course due to the way Porsche works .
Many thanks for the replies. Sorry for the delay, I wasn't notified that I had any replies!
Also sorry about using the Porsche designation number, just thought that narrowed things down nicely!

deMort, very much appreciate your input. Yes, a very different Porsche from my previous ones! I've been through a Mercedes phase. I am very much a 'DIY if possible' person and have found Mercedes very good as far as published information and their diagnostic software is concerned.

I am 3hrs drive from the nearest Porsche service centre or specialist so been doing a lot of research into diagnostic tools etc. Working out what I can fix and what may require an unavoidable trip to Porsche.

The manual GTS certainly does seem very rare, the one I'm considering does have air suspension / PDCC too. So plenty to go wrong and learn about! All part of the attraction for me! As an engineer I love vehicles that have this level of engineering!

Just trying to get over the guilt thing though. As in, a retired couple don't need a 400hp, V8, 2+ ton, planet warming SUV!! There are plenty of alternatives, but mostly boring in comparison, and that's my problem.

Thanks for the re-assurance regarding the manual gearbox!
PDCC fault is more common than a gearbox issue and i've only seen a couple over the years .. post here about it anyways ..


You may not need the car .. but you Will enjoy it once you have it .. they are pretty awesome for a " Tank without a gun " .
Cheers for that. Yes, I had already read that very useful thread regarding the PDCC, together with just about every other piece technical info on this forum! Your knowledgeable advice and help here has been very useful in me building up a picture of what to expect should this proposed vehicle end up on my driveway!

I may miss out on this car as it is outside my region and I'm not permitted to travel to see it at the moment. But, 'What's for you won't go past you' as they say!

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