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944 stoneguards

Tony Beckwith

24 Feb 2006
Hi all

I'd really appreciate any advice on how best to remove and apply those pesky vinyl stoneguards on a 944...any help would be great as I think 20 years of adhesion could take a time to remove!

Also, can anyone point me to a single nearside rear stoneguard (just got fingerprints over my new one and they show through....damn)?

Looking forward to hearing



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get yer hairdryer out............as for fitting them.............try a friendly bodyshop.....they should at least do it for not much beer tokens

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Thanks Rodders - I'm just concerned about taking paint off as I take the stoneguards off...!!

Thanks again


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the paint should be ok just give it a few seconds blast on hot..........ive removed stickers on a van before with a hot air gun and it takes a fair bit of heat before the paint does bubble(which wasn't a problem as it was getting re-painted)

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just tried applying n/s rear large stoneguard - had to abandon it, couldn't keep air bubbles/fingerprints/lines off the vinyl......nightmare! How the heck does anyopne do it????

Need to get another one from Prestige Parts...

Think I'll ask GT One near me to remove and apply, my hair will fall out otherwise...................................

Thanks Rodders

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a warm air gun will make the stoneguards easier to remove , when fitting new ones get a bucket of water with some soap in, put the stoneguards into the solution and removew the backings wet the car and the guards , this will stop the stoneguards sticking as soon as you apply them , when positioned properly use a plastic scraper to smooth out the air bubbles then allow to dry

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just like putting the decals on an airfix model kit then??? :wink:

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My son's new Junker's airfix plane will be a breeze in comparison..!!!!!

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Just to add that Prestige Parts have said they'll happily replace any ruined stoneguards - very generous and appreciated!

And yes...soapy water is the answer.


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