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930 turbo

Richard McMurtry

New member
21 Jun 2003
I'm going to look at a 1987 black turbo with 44000 miles. It is advertised at £28,000.

What is top wack for a perfect car, does anyone know?

The cars has had an engine rebuild and has been wax oiled.

The owner had it valued by Porsche club GB 2 or so years ago at £28,000

Anyone got any advise

Many thanks


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Hi Richard. Welcome to the board.

I think high twenties is about top wack, although a car with zero miles will command a price of whatever someone is willing to pay for it. In this case, I would say £28k is not cheap but not a rip-off either. The engine build is nice (depending on what has been done, and how well it is Documented - photos?) Waxoil shouldn't add to the value. It doesn't hurt but I wouldn't pay extra for it.

Regarding the PCGB valuation, how many miles were on the clock then? What is the Documented history like from then? How has it been stored since then? All these things will affect the value - obviously ;)

What a great car to be shopping for though. You are a lucky man!

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A 44,000 mile engine rebuild wouldnt be what I would class as nice, I would be asking questions???

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I always like having low milers,
but I would advise you to find out the detail behind the engine re-build, it certainly should not be for wear!!!!!!! As the post above why?

Things do go wrong, mechanical stuff fails, just make certain that the story of the build matches that of the car and miles - and that you are satisfied the motor was put together by proper people.

If the motor is good and the story fits...what a great 911. I drove one similar the other day and it reminded me of how astonishingly good these old Turbo's were.

Its not a cheap 911, but the best cars are worth loads more than an average example, in terms of reduced risk of major expenditure and often overlooked, pleasure in ownership of a beauty.

If its good go for it , put hairs on your chest. Adrian Crawford. :D

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Whenever I want to say something he always says something better first! It's one of the 4 speed models with the 915 gearbox, which is not as good as the G50/50 apparently, of the 89 models. Valued 2 years ago at £28k.....unless it's been stored I would knock a couple of grand off that. And if it has been stored that may be the reason for the rebuild-things go wrong in turbos when they are not driven. Seals etc.

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As a reference point, there is a 4 speed, '88 Turbo for sale in this monts Classic Cars magazine with 41k miles on the clock, full service history £30k. (07000 911993). The magazine described it as "Not cheap but its hard to imagine you'll find a better example"

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