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918 LW Bucket Seats- What's your solution for track days?


New member
10 Apr 2017
I am wondering what others have done to get around the helmet/ headrest problem, have you:
a) done nothing, it's not a problem for me
b) done nothing, but wish I had
c) fitted a reclining bracket or
d) found another solution, which was what?

Any tips for making things better? A mate suggested wearing a thick coat or 6 jumpers which would probably help, but no.
Also is it less of a problem for tall people (which I'm not)? I think the seats recline a bit more when set low down?
Worth mentioning that I have tried a bracket, but the seat seemed reclined too much and under knees was too high for a manual car.
Also tried all sorts of padding, but nothing seems to allow my head to go back far enough.
Seat riser, google 918 seat riser. There are companies that make a small front riser enough to tip the seat an inch or two back, increasing headroom.

I might have a spare one if you can't find any. Not expensive, I think I paid $160 delivery to the UK for a pair. I only used one so the drives seat.
As in the post above, I have tried brackets and don't rate that as a good solution.

I have seen plenty of "hot lap" vids of GT3 professional drivers and they seem to have clearance for a helmet. I assume they are using brackets but maybe not.

I think it may be a size/height thing. Big frames don't have a problem with a helmet but find the seat too upright in normal driving. But on the flip side small frames find the LWB great for long distance but a helmet is an issue.

I am short (170cm) and my head touches the headrest in normal driving. No way a helmet can fit in the gap. But I can do a 4 hour drive with no issues.

Just wanted to know if the size/height thing fits the experience of others.

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