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912 cubic capacity...?


18 Dec 2018
I nailed a well rotted 69 UK market 912 back together in the late 70`s, and I am pretty sure the DVLA had recorded it in the reg doc as a 1600cc. I posted a ramble with pics on the process of making it MOT worthy some time back. However it seems that many folk determined that Porsche never produced a 1600cc 912, so much so that I began to think that perhaps the DVLA had been given the wrong info when it was registered...

Well it just seems possible that there was a 1600cc 912.

I read in April`s edition of Porsche post that the first of the 912 were fitted with 356 C engines, which I believe were 1600cc. Also the add linked below seems to suggest that 912`s were indeed 1600cc in the early days...?

Porsche 912 1969 4 cil. 1600cc For Sale (carandclassic.com)

Thanks for taking the time to reply Peter, and for correcting yourself. It seems so easy to unintentionally spread "fake" news these days, Unfortunately I have done some of that my self in posts...Duh.. !

I was aware of the 912E being 2 litre , which seems to be that which others took to be the standard cubic capacity of all 912`s when I asked the question back in time.
The original 912 were all 1.6 litre cars 1582 cm3 / 96.5 cu-in Boxer 4
911UK, thanks for taking the time to set the record straight. From that which I read in Porsche Post, apparently the 912 outsold the 911 in the early days in the US, it`s 1600cc pushrod engine being originally fitted to the 356C.
that is correct, in those early years the 9112 outsold the 911
Interesting that when the 911 was new to market that it seems the Americans apparently more favoured the 912. I wonder if the 911 was perhaps thought of as the young pretender by the then Porsche 356 "faithful," the 912 making use of the 356 C engine, making it the preferred choice..as opposed to the new flat six ?

If the above seems possible, perhaps a case of history repeating it`s self might be when the 996 was new to market, and a similar line of thought was expressed by those who at the time decried it`s means of engine cooling... Hmm..?

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