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911 virgin after advice

Wayne Reynolds

New member
18 Aug 2003
Hi, I live in London (on street parking) and I'm looking for my first 911 as a weekend toy for c£10k. After a little research I'm leaning towards a post '76 as I understand this is when Porsche first started to galvanize them? Any advice on the best models to get, what to look out for etc would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

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Hi Wayne

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure someone will be along soon to answer the question. In the meantime, (if it was you?), there are answers on Another Forum where you posted the same q...


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£10,000 911,

Wayne, Yes the post 76 were all galvanized. This means that you can find examples mostly free of corrosion, but you can also find 911 that you could put your fist through. So ideally buy a 3.0 or better still 3.2, look for a car with a clean uncorroded body and a strong motor. There is so much to look for with these old 911, yet good sound cars do exist. Best be ready to do a fair bit of legwork and research before you part with your money. But dont loose hope, it can be done. Lhd will open the fireld up for you and give you a better chance of finding a good car.

If you can head for the cars with a long term last owner, at least you could get a better picture of whats been done. As for coupe/targa,convertible, it really is your choice, although of the three types the targa (roof) is the trickiest one to stop leaking.

Be open minded, do the research and look at 911 until you find a genuinely good one...dont get caught on the first shiny steed you come across. You can do it!

p.s. Its a good time to start looking, as the summer comes to a close, so to the prices will soften.

Adrian Crawford. performance 2and4.co.uk 911secrets.com

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