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911 tyre advice please


New member
25 Feb 2003
I am fairly new to my 1980 SC Sport having had it a couple of months. (I'll post a picture when I get time to fix my scanner!)It now needs new back tyres - 225/50/16s, currently having Bridgestone S-02 fitted.

I'm a little confused by the speed ratings as both Z and V seem to be up to 149mph, with W at 168 and Y to 186. Handbook does say V rating, so shouldn't have a problem with MOT. And as much as I would like, I won't actually be doing those speeds!Has anybody got any recommendations for rating/type I should buy, as there seems to be many choices with various prices!

So far I'm considering (prices each and fitted):Dunlop SP2000 (V) at £68.45Dunlop SP9000 (Z) at £113.25TOYO Proxes T15 (Z) at £92.26Pirelli P6000 (W) at £98.03Continental Sport Contact (Z) at £86.40 plus fittingBridgestone S-02 (Z) at £93.50 plus fittingI drive mainly on country B roads, although I do some motorway driving, and aiming to get performance both wet and dry.Any advice would be appreciated.ThanksLize

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Hi Lize, I was in exactly the same prediciment a few months ago and I posted the same question on the Titanic forum so you can look for that thread.

As you can imagine it prompted a great deal of response going from the bargain basement options up to the more expensive options. One thing that was made obvious was that if the original tyre was N rated then you need to go with it. Again a very subjective issue. I contacted Colin who is the technical guy recommended by Porsche Post for the 3.2 Carrera register sand he recommended Contis, as these were the best option. Other people were very pleased with Toyos' but the new Bridgestone S-03s got a hammering.

I own a SSE and my rear tyres are 255 45 17 ZR and I paid £280 fitted for two. Again if you pick up the thread there is lot of comments on fitters. I went to a local garage and my cup alloys had a few more scratches on them when they were put back on the car. Not really an issue as they are due to be recond. Look for somewere they have all the right equipment, nylon covers etc.

As far as speed rating stick with what is recommended and you can't go wrong.

Where are you based.

Hope this helps


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One thing is for sure though, you shouldn't mix and match your tyres front and back. If you currently have SO-2s on the front and are replacing the back tyres only you must get SO-2s. Otherwise you will need to replace all 4.

Cheers, James

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Why do you recommend matching front and back (interested as I have Avons on the front and proxes on the back). Wonder if this has anything to do with traction problems I have experienced (by problems read loss of control!)


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Dunc. It is an unwritten rule that in any car mixing and matching tyres is not a good idea and this is particularly bad in a 911 which has very different stresses on the front and rear wheels. The problems this causes are, as you say, loss of control. It shouldn't be an issue for pottering around town but if you are doing any "push-on" driving it may become apparent. Given that the tyres are your car's only contact with the ground I wouldn't take any chances for the sake of a couple of hundred quid.


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Interesting point, all my previous cars have had a set of four matching. My car is a C4 and compared to driving a 4x4 turbo audi before this it reacts very, very differently.

I realise that the physics of having the engine hanging over the rears is a bit dodgy but I was very surprised when I lost my car coming off a roundabout under moderate acceleration (it was a slippy day). Can't really blame the tyres but may have been a contributory factor.


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Hi agreed about the no mix and match rule. This was what I was also advised.

One interesting point when I had the rear tyres changed I asked the garage the expected life, they said a lexus driver averaged 3000 miles per set.

I say, I hope that this is due to the fact the' Lexus driver is a twonk and drives like a nutter, not like us considerate 911 owners.

If I have to replace mine every 3000 miles I'll be well upset !!!!


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Front Goodyear Eagle F1's last about 3.5 - 4k a pair on the front of my company Volvo S70 T5!!

If we cannot get a matched set of tyres for any of our cars, then it's off the road till we can.

Bikes even more so - wouldn't even think of non matching tyres.

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Hello all,Thanks for the advice.I've just been and checked again, and my front tyres don't actually match the rear, being Pirelli P700s, which are a different compound than the Bridgestones.I agree with you James, I don't think there is any point in taking chances for the sake of a couple of hundred quid.Think I shall price up the Contis for both front and rear, I'll take offers on the 205/50/16s with 6mm tread on them, if anybody is interested!I was thinking of ordering the tyres on the internet and getting them fitted if it works out cheaper, I'm near Cambridge, so if there are any recommendations for fitting let me know.

Thanks againLize

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Lize. Obviously you don't want any old monkey fitting your new tyres and damaging your wheels. In the absence of any recommendations I would suggest you go to your local Porsche dealer (Lancashire Porsche I think). Who ever does it just make sure they have nylon not metal tools.


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Yes Lancaster, thanks James. (I'll have to check the address & map!)Shall ensure nylon, and to be on the safe side closely supervise!

On a different note, I am really pleased tonight, as I have enlisted somebody to re-anodise my door handles and possibly sold my BM. Bit sad about the BM actually as I've had her for five years, and am now left with a 2.9 Granada for everyday use...but hey, hatch and tow ball etc.When I bought my baby, I asked the dealer to sort the handles as they looked scruffy. Stripped them nicely, just a shame they "powder coated" them out of an aerosol can...!

Any tips for removal of handles? I believe that it is quite tricky and time consuming.Many thanksLize1980 (81 model) 911 SC SportTell me...should this have an ALL rubber whale?

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My door handles refused to powdercoat - although I had cleaned off the old anodizing, the alloy wasn't smooth enough and hole kept blowing in the powdercoat. I eventually went for a set of SH ones off a C2/C4 (note that these are different internally but do fit).

Early SC whales were all rubber, although I understood that this was just '78 and '79. I believe that good condition rubber versions are getting quite rare.

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