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911 not going straight !

David 4S

New member
31 Oct 2004
Good mornign everyone.

I am the lucky owner of a 997 4S. Still, when driving on the motorways on a straight line, the car has a HUGE tendency to go right when the steering-wheel is centered.

Last time, my dealer explaned it was a flat tyred that they changed (did not see the old one by the way...). Problem still there.

Any clue out there? Thanks in advance for sharing,


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i think this is a Porsche thing, mine does it despite having been totally re-tracked (£200+ !)

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mine was balanced apparently

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totally balanced...mysterirous...

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or UK Porsche Dealer doing a proper job and testing the car before returning it to the owner...

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electronics are difficult to diagnose but not impossible

if there is a PASM fault then this could be a feature...

so if the tracking, wheel balance et al if fine...........

unless any of the suspension parts are cracked then the PASM is a prime suspect

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otherwise you may have to try another OPC.... as the car shouldn't drift in another dierction

but kind of just depends on the technican..... and what they may find...... although I'm never convinced by these new age playstation technicans

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I'd guess the smooth tyre was probably caused by the tracking, as opposed to bad tracking caused by worn tyre.

Two obvious causes spring to mind - worn wishbones or badly adjusted tracking.

That is where I'd start.....


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