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911 G50 gearbox 1988 HELP[


New member
13 Jun 2002
GOT A PROBLEM....Having trouble getting 1st and 2nd gear when cold.But when hot no problems at all. How do you check gearbox fluid...?. And is it true you have to check engine oil when hot..?

Thankyou in advance


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Not sure how you check the gearbox oil but it is recommended that you use fully synthetic oil in the G50, and if you change the oil you should flush it out with some cheap (synthetic) oil first. Most people seem to get a noticed improvement in shifting after changing the oil.

With regards to the engine oil level, the engine must be fully warmed up and on level ground. It is also recommeded that you on fill it 3/4 full in order to minimise the risk of over-filling (regular checking will then be required)

Cheers, James

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Put the car up on jack stands, making sure you put the jacks under the lift points on each of the four corners between the wheels. The car must be level. Then crawl under the car. Just in front of the engine is the transmission. At the bottom is the transmission drain plug and up on the right side is the fill hole. Both take a 10mm hex socket. Unscrew the fill plug. Transmission oil should be up to the rim of the hole. Drain by removing lower plug. Put new gear oil in the fill plug until it dribbles out. It holds 3.4 qts. The job is a lot easier if you buy a little pump that screws on to the oil container (any auto supply store will have them); then you just insert the tube in the fill hole and pump away. I use Mobil 1 75w90 gear oil in my 1988 Carrera and it shifts much more easily than the oil that the previous owner had in there. The fill plugs should be torqued to (I think) 30 lbs. use new washers on both; they are the same size as the oil drain plug washers. The factory recommendation is to change gear oil evry 60K miles, but I do it every 15K; cheap Insurance. Buy a copy of the Bentley manual; it is expensive (>$100 in the US) but well worth it (you will more than recoup the costs on your first valve adjustment).

One tip: unscrew the fill plug before the drain plug. If you unscrew the drain plug first and then cannot loosen the fill plug, you have a problem.

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