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911 for tall guy


New member
17 Jun 2003
Hi People,

Might sound like a strange question - but what's the best Porsche model (preferably classic) for a big guy like me who's 6ft 5in (1.99m) tall?

To be honest, I've been into old Merc's recently and my current runaround is a 1971 280 SE - lots of space but the petrol consumption's ruinous @ 14mpg and I'd like something a bit sportier to replace my Ducati motorbike.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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A convertible or targa I believe is your only option. Im 6ft 1 and my Dads 6ft 2 and we only just fit into a 993...so not much chance of you getting in an even smaller car...

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My mates 6ft 5' and he drives a 964 C2 no problem, he does need to have the seat on its lowest setting.

He also recently drove my 993 no problem.

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If you have to I believe there are ways of lowering the seats fixing kit and moving it back. The best people to ask are probably:Southbound Motor TrimmersLittle Dean Yard, London Road, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6EL, EnglandTel: + 44 (0) 1264 810 080, Fax: + 44 (0) 1264 810 080

Otherwise my guess would be a 928 would have more head and legroom than a 911

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I'm 6ft 4in and have been in several 993's over the last month or so - not had a problem with headroom at all.

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i'm around 6ft 5in and have no problem in an 87 3.2

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A left hand drive 993 will have better leg room than rhd. Porsche do offer different seat hieght and position.


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Ah..! Welcome to the forum Mr Crawford, good to a have a LHD "expert" on-board!

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Not THE Adrian Crawford ? My God ! Bloody Henry will be on here next :oops:

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Hi 911 folk,I have a 1989 3.2 targa sport any one got advice for replacing or renewing the targa panel .Ive tryied south bound trimmers

They are fully booked until October and Ray Martin at AFN Reading never answers his voice mail. Duncan

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If all else fails, and its seems ALL 911s fit going by the responses you've had, suggest you either fit sports seatseats at their lowest setting or buy an Audi RS2 thingy - at least porsche designed and built(?) them, and they'll have lots of room.

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