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911 cab 3.2 what's it worth?

Andrew Pritchard

New member
13 Aug 2003
I am about to go and view a 1987(D) 911 3.2 Cabriolet 144,000 miles some history originaly a Dutch import but RHD Guards red black leather interior.Now the bad bits its been vandalised ie damaged hood(electric) door locks damaged a few scratches etc and needs a new exhaust! Do you think £6000.00 sounds a good price or do reckon i should give it a wide berth!!!!oh and there's no mot or tax.

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I'll confess an almost total lack of experience with pre-964 models but I know what I'd do if faced with a shed (which is what it sounds like) of any make or model: run, don't walk. There are no bargains so you may be in for bigger bills than you expect. Better to spend it on a car that's been well looked-after in the first place, in my view.

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I agree with Manek, and reckon if you price up a hood, paint, door locks and exhaust, all fitted by a reputable specialist, you're probably knocking on the door of the price of a straighter example anyway - if you see what i mean?

Double the above to account for the bits you can't see as readily apparent (heat exchangers, heaters, gearbox, brakes, tyres, top end engine etc), and you definitely are!

On the other hand, if you like the car and are as confident as you can be that everything else is in order (i'd be surprised), i would 'phone previous owner and possibly thereafter pay for a leakdown test and ppi from a marque specialist: it just could be an end of summer bargain.

Real caution though!


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Cheer's lads , thanks for the advice.I went to look at it today and although not a complete dog it would have needed considerable time and money spent to bring it up to scratch,however i still think it was a cheap 911 for someone wanting a winter project!

Thanks again Andy.

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