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911 996 Audio Upgrade... advice please


18 Aug 2013
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum...

Yesterday I purchased a 2001 911 966 Carrera 2S and am interested in upgrading the basic sound system.

My car currently has the basic CR-22 head unit and the dual heater control unit installed directly above it.

I am possibly interested in installing this double DIN head unit: http://www.parrot.com/uk/products/asteroid-range/parrot-asteroid-smart
(this would require moving the heater unit to a lower DIN bay)

and upgrading the speakers in the vehicle, with the possibility of a small amp and sub.

I don't want to get too carried away on price, as the car only cost me £12k, but a good quality sound system installed to a high standard is important to me.

I have also looked at procuring a 911 996 Bose system via salvage or eBay, but am not sure whether this would represent good value for money.

I am no good with car audio wiring, so I would be looking at a professional install.

I wondered what people's opinions were on going down the Bose route, or going for a customised option?

Thanks for your time; James.
Hi James, welcome to the forum, I don't think you can go far wrong with the Pioneer range of head units, I had the 2400 model professionally installed not so long ago, price for the unit and install was circa £450. You can of course spend more if you require satnav but that wasn't a requirement for me.
The installer fitted the cubby hole unit all part of the price.
Here is a link to the unit I have and I have attached a picture of the install. I have since relocated my Ipod to the glove box with the leads hidden away.



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Thanks Stokepotter.

The Parrot unit appeals to me because it runs on Android and has a lot of potential with apps, connectivity, internet and all the rest of it.

Did you upgrade any of your speakers or anything?

Is security a concern for you with this type of unit?

I stumbled across this, which I think is a great idea! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181137107408
No, at the moment all my speakers are original, maybe one day I will upgrade them but they are way down my wish list of "things to do" at the moment, I have spent close on £4k since last October on upgrades, improvements & necessary jobs with the next on my list being to get all my alloys refurbished.
Yes, I did look at a couple of the app based units but in the end, for me, the Pioneer just had the edge but you are right, one thing I was disappointed about was the fact you cannot take the front off.
Not sure about the ebay item you have mentioned but agreed, something similar may be an option.
Did you have to move the heater unit to a lower DIN when you installed the Pioneer?
No, that was always where it is now, the cubby hole slot is where the navigation disc drive unit was for the old PCM1 unit.
Welcome to the forum.

I've upgraded mine and documented on this forum. I'm a pro sound-engineer so like a good system.

I went the total re-install. 996.1 non-most & non-Bose.

Installed my old Head unit - pioneer f900bt with iPod interface.
Alpine custom speakers all round.
JBL amp powering 2 x JBL 8" subs.

Pretty chuffed with the sound and its not even tweaked yet.
Hi ScoobyDoo555,

I'm interested in your setup. Can you send me the link to where you've documented this?

What was your total spend?

Thanks so much!

I have just installed a pioneer 930bt, got it off ebay, there are pretty cheap on there.

does you car have speakers in the doors? or just the dash?


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Hi turbolearner

Yes, mine has speakers in the door. Does that mean my system isn't the most basic one available for the 911 996?

I think the speaker in the left door has blown, which is one of the reasons I'm keen sort this out quickly.

if you have speakers in the door then you have the middle range system.

The speakers in the doors are subwoofers, you will also have a small amp in the front boot on the left, behind the carpet.

you can buy the speakers on ebay they come in the door housings.

there are some for around £25 inc post.

i changed the pcm to the pioneer and it has improved the sound, so it will depends on what you are after.

I used the connects 2 fasica kit and wiring kit. (make sure you get the one that is for the non Bose amped version).

bought from dynamic sounds.
Ah that's good news. I actually spotted the amp in the front earlier today.

Are the amp and door subs pretty standard sizes? Is it just the dashboard speakers that are a bit tricky?

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