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'89 3.2 front oil cooler question


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13 Nov 2002
Anyone have any idea of the temperature needed to open the thermostat to the front oil cooler? I took the old girl out for the first time in a while today (the sun was shining!) and out of curiousity felt the pipes to the front oil cooler after an hour long blast and they were cold. I'm guessing the stat's sticking. Anyone had one of these off? Is it a common problem & can it be freed off or is a new stat required?

Thanks, Nathan

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Was the car noticeably running hot ?

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No the car was up to normal operating temp, just below the white line about 1/3 of the way up the gauge. I think this should have been warm enough to open the stat.

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The engine Oil cooler thermostat opens at 80c/176f, and the auxiliary (front) oil cooler thermostat opens at 83c/183f.

Sounds like you were way too cool for it to open. Normal temperatures dont require auxilliary cooling.

Remember the car is built for HIGH performance use in ALL countries.

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