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718 Cayman buyers advice - educate me on what I need to know


28 Nov 2011
Looking to change car next year at some point and seriously considering a 718 Cayman.

Just started doing some initial research on what my budget can get, I am looking at 35-40k and this would appear to stretch to 2016 onwards Cayman T or around the 40k you start seeing the odd S for that price also.
So I am looking to find out what I should be looking for in terms of must haves and have the following questions which I am hoping existing owners can guide me on:

Appreciate this might be stating the obvious, so the difference between a T and S is engine size and an extra 50 BHP ish and single tailpipe vs double circle tailpipe, is there anything else of note?
Not a deal breaker but is the Isofix on the passenger seat an option or does it come as standard?
Anyone remapped a T, I am seeing you can get another 50BHP out of a stage 1 remap which I am thinking if I did go with a T and needed a bit extra this could be a good compromise to get a bit more 'welly' out of it. With this in mind is the S a necessity for me over the T?
It looks like sports exhaust is an option (typical bloody Porsche!), I think this will be a must for me I always air on the side of a nice rumble louder than standard exhaust somewhere in between understated but not too intrusive. If I go for one without PSE is it possible to retrofit PSE and if so how much would I be looking at, or any alternative good systems to go for or cheaper 'hacks'?
What are the must haves that in your opinion need to be specced on the car?
Finally how do they drive, all the reviews clearly point to them being great to drive in their own right (separate from a 911)?

My recent car history is as follows:
Porsche 996 Carrera 2
Porsche 996 Turbo
Audi RS5
VW Golf R, which I currently own and has actually surpassed my expectations of what I had for it when buying, it is great to drive, really good fun and has good power. It is not excessively fast but I actually feel like that is good as I can use all of the power when I open it up when compared with my 996 Turbo I would hit the speed limit on a dual carriage way and still be in second gear and it had so much more to give, I absolutely loved the turbo it was a beast but I had it for 4 years and in reality I didn't even scratch the surface in terms of putting it to it's limits and opening it up!

Thoughts, advice and opinions welcome.

Dan, know it is an old thread, but did you ever pick up a 718 Cayman. :?:

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