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6 channel amplifier rewire


New member
19 Mar 2013
Hi guys,
Hope this is the correct place to post, I'm a newbie here.
I've got a 1998 996 3.4 Carrera 2 with the non Bose hifi upgrade option which as you probably all know sounds rubbish, I have replaced the dash speakers with JBLs which sound pretty good for a quick upgrade, I have also replaced the door speakers for 5 1/4 JBLs, unfortunately at the time I didn't realise that the door speaker channels of the amp have a crossover to only allow bass through which seem to be unhearable (maybe not a real word) while driving.
My proposal is to swap the pins in the amp speaker plug to feed the door speakers with the output from the rear speakers to give full range and hopefully a huge improvement, the rears I would probably leave disconnected for the time being. Does this sound a feasible idea? My clio sport just has two dash tweeters and two 5 1/4 mid range in the front doors with internal head unit amp and sounds 1000 times better than the Porsche upgrade.
Any help greatly appreciated.
All the best.
Hi Jon, not sure if this helps but i ended up running the dash and rear speakers (i upgraded to Focal units) directly from my new Alpine head unit and i feel that it does a better job than the amp. I then swapped the amp for a 2 channel and run the door speakers (i put Focal 13ws subs in the door) from that.

It was a bit of a faf with wiring etc and it wont shake the car but i find the sound Quality is about where i would have put the Porsche upgrade Hifi system to start with
Hi, thanks for your reply, yes I did think about doing that, I wondered if there was any way of not disturbing the wiring too much, I really want full/ mid range in the doors as I feel they aren't big enough or the panels sturdy enough to take the bass, if I did your route I could use a 4 channel amp to run the doors and maybe bridged to run a sub in the back. I'm not a big bass freak, I just find the music sounds ok when not moving but the dash speakers seem to get totally eclipsed by road noise, the heater fan next to them and the windscreen directly above. I only notice the door speakers low range only when I refitted the door panel and checked them with my head next to them, at a loo wish volume very little sound but lots of movement, just seemed a waste really.
Thanks again

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