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5000 miles only on rear tyres .....Can't be right , is it ?


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14 Apr 2012
Got a new set of rear tyres fitted on my Turbo S when I bought it followed by a geometry check. Haven't reach 5000 miles and to my horror did notice today they are good for the skip....The inside are already "eating" the blocs where the outside are fine. Done 8 easy laps on the Ring ( Did checked tyres after and they did wear evenly ) Rest was mainly motorway, and normal driving with few blast as you do but I really don't drive It like a lunatic, I just drive it !!! Got many powerful motors in the past but none of them did chew tyres at that rate.....
I am going to have a new set again (Continental Contact 2) and have the geometry checked again, can't be right !!

How many miles do you get from your rear tyres and whish way do you drive , please .

I am still chock honestly :dont know:
Following recent discussions on here I would recommend going to Centre Gravity for your next geo check & get it done properly - if it's feasible for you to get there.

It can't be set up right, I have done 3k in mine from virtually new tyres.. Still look new now, I don't think I drive like a nancy....

I am going to get my geo done by Northway, Paul seems to know his stuff. CoG would be my first choice just to far to travel..
I've gotten 12k miles out of my rears and they will be ending their life in another couple of k or so. I would describe myself as a fast road driver, no tracks and no traffic light grands prix either. So 5k miles from your tyres seems a bit heavy. Agreed with others, get the tracking sorted out, Centre Gravity seems to be a well visited place on this forum. Chris, over there, will take account of what sort of driver you are and then adjust accordingly.

~ Maxie
I usually get about 10k out of the rears on my Turbo, daily driver plus the odd track day thrown in - I also have a fairly aggressive geo set up.

Mike at Sports and Classic takes care of my geometry and car and he has a limited offer on at the moment for full check and adjust to your requirements for £99+vat

drop him an email [email protected]
If the geo was right and the tyres have lasted 5,000 miles ... they've lasted ... er ... 5,000 miles. QED.
I have had 5k out of rear Contis more than twice. I did put it down to climbing up and down alpine roads, and use during damp/wet/codl weatehr which will accelerate wear.

Generally you should be getting 10k, even down to 8k accounting for positive use on a Turbo S.

Who did the geo and what equipment did they use?

If the centre bore of the wheel (behind centre cap) is painted then half your problem could be there; this would give false readings on the Beissbarth equipment which bolts into this. (Hence why we always remove paint from this area)

I had a customer last year who we found had bald tyres and when we advised he said he had only done 3k !!
I had same problem 3k from new conties, tracking done twice at reputable ? dealer
Have it checked again with hunter equipment and ask to see the screen mine just lit up red in every parameter, handled like different car after
place in kent got contact if you need it

PPs that was me in the second above box. Hi chris all is well now
Just changed to PS2s from Bridgestone Potenzas. Got 10k out of the rears. Fronts still had 6mm on them. I tend to explore the upper revs once warmed up.
I bought my 993 from a "reputable none OPC dealer" and also had it set up by the OPC. Scrubbed 2mm off one of the tyres in no time. Trailered it down to CoG and I've never looked back. Different car.
Ocean Blue said:
I bought my 993 from a "reputable none OPC dealer" and also had it set up by the OPC. Scrubbed 2mm off one of the tyres in no time. Trailered it down to CoG and I've never looked back. Different car.
CoG? CoG? Who are they, then?
Center of Gravity, (CoG).
Chris was racing a 911 last time I was in their and it is not shy in committing his car (competition) or his partners boxster (the ring) to a corner.

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