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"50% brighter bulbs" on 996, any good?

Paul Strong

New member
19 Jan 2004
Does anyone have any experience on the effectiveness of the Osram or Philips "up to 50% brighter" H7 bulbs in conjunction with the 996 headlight design? As with the 996, my old Scooby's standard headlight system wasn't up to much and a pair of Osrams helped a bit. Is it also worth changing the high-beam H7s to Osrams as well?

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Thanks for the tip, that's a good price they're doing it for. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about these non-Porsche xenon kits?

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I'm about to buy one of these too and, since the photos on 9meister's site showing the fitting of the kit onto a 993 are exactly the same as those on the hid-online site, I'd hazard a guess it's the same kit. I'll be calling them later to ask...

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Hmm. HID-Online's links for the low-beam version for a 99- Carrera don't work, and the high-beam ones are marked as for off-road use only. It's not clear to me whether both low-beam and high-beam are converted by any of their kits, or whether their kits include the required auto-levelling system. From what I've read on RennTech it's necessary to install sensors on the front and rear left suspension so the auto-levelling can work with these aftermarket systems, or don't people bother with this?

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As I understand it, the warnings about off-road use apply to the US. They have kits for high beam only and for both, gathered from a hunt around the rather disorganised site...

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Before you splash out on a Xenon kit, my 993 lighting has been drastically improved by the fitment of the Osram 50% lamps sourced from

Having only driven 996s during the day I don't know how good or bad the standard lights are, all I know is that my standard lights were such a disgrace that they were dangerous. With the new lamps (about £40 for dipped and main) have uprated my lighting to be very acceptable. On the presumption that these lamps will make a difference on a 996, surely its worht trying them before going all out?!


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I ordered a pair of Osram Silverstar (the +50% jobbies) last night from
. Price is £23 inc VAT and delivery. I figured I should at least give them a go before upgrading to HID.

I wasn't impressed with StartledRabbit as they reckon an early 996 requires H1 bulbs, plus they're selling the H7 Osrams for £27.50 all inc.

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I did upgrade to the 50% brighter bulbs and they are better, but when progressing along a dark A road, I need further reach...

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Well I got my Osram bulbs on Tuesday morning (good service from Auto Bulbs Direct) and fitted them that evening. I thought it would be useful to get hard evidence of the improvement so I found an unlit dead-end road, took a before pic, changed the bulbs and hey presto: no bloody difference. When I looked at what I'd taken out it turned out they were already at least the +30% bulbs, judging by the codes on them. Now main beam has the old bulbs and it's a bit brighter, especially the width of the beam.

So, even with +50% bulbs I consider the 996 lighting to be very poor, with nowhere near enough distance in the beams for driving on an unlit road above 50mph. Next I'll make sure the beam alignment is at the top of adjustment while being in-line with MOT regs, otherwise it'll have to be an HID kit before long.

Could someone please tell me if they fitted auto-levelling sensors when they had a non-Porsche HID kit installed?


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