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4s cab

rob carty

26 Feb 2005
hi ,im looking to buy a 2004 lhd 4s cab but am really worried now about the depreciation as the 997 4s cab will be out in october, iv been quoted about 51kfor a 2004 from a dealer is this reasonable or could i do better privately if so where should i look? also not sure about the front of the 997 think porsche could of done better,what do you think.

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I think your wrong with the 997 front end ! I think the 997 front end should of been what the 996 looked like..... It carries the lines from the 993..

As for price, you need to look round, and compare..

Good luck, were all searching for some thing............ 8)

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yes but it looks too beetlefied at the front!! anyway can anyone advise best place to look for a lhd 911 4s cab is it worth importing if so from where

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Rob, I would import from Japan, I have helped loads of friends find cars here, they are always well taken care of, always serviced by OPC's - but the OPC's are great here unlike the UK. and usually have very low mileage. The only downside, 90% of cars are LHD - not all brits like lefties - (personally, my next new car, which I just ordered arrives on the 14th is a LHD)

I know of one going right now, 2004 C4S Cab, 4000 KM (about 2700 miles) MINT condition. The guy who owned it for a few months found himself a bargain 996 Turbo Cab for a bargain price.

Speaking of which, a mate has a BRAND NEW 996 Turbo Cab in White with Dark Blue interior, its got 150 KM on it, can do you a bargain for that as well!

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thanks servo i want a lhd car been driving a lancia integrale evo 2 for 8 years now and looking fo a bit more refinement, how much is this guy askin for his cab as i was considering holding out until the 997 4s cab has been launched as prices will surely drop what do you think.

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hi spoke to another opc today and they say the 997 4s cab wont be out until next spring earlist, does anyone actualy know?

ss.. get back to me about this guy you know, is it lhd? as im unable to find any lhd private sellers for this car at the moment,also dont tease me about the turbo i know i wont have the $$,many thanks rob.

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Hi Rob, the C4S is a lefty. I will try and get some photo's for you and some more details, I have seen the car - it is mint. Not a mark on it.

The 997 C4S cab as far as I have heard won't be out until Autumn 2006 at the earliest. Porsche will probably release the C4 in October followed by the Turbo and the C4S.

I was offered a 997 Cab (LHD Tiptronic) for March delivery the other day. Its silver with black interior, usual gadgets etc. Didn't ask the price cos I have already done the deal on my next car.

Rob, have you heard anything about the 997 cab in the UK? When can you actually get delivery of one?

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Servo thanks for the reply not to worried about photos etc but would like to know car and interior colour,the only specs i really want is a manual with the bose system anything else is a bonus! where is this car is it in the uk or in japan is this where you are based? if so how much tax etc would it cost to ship..thanks

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started to change my mind already about the 997 its starting to grow on me i see a few up close recently at an opc, still a bit dissappointed with front lights arrangement though not elaborate enough for a super car!!.Just to let you know paid deposit on the lhd c4s cab this weekend ended up paying 51500 i think this was well reasonable and am excited as foock! will be picking it up next weekend.

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Rob, well done! Sounds like your getting a nice car! Sorry I couldn't reply to you! Turns out the car I was telling you about is a tiptronic and the guy is asking way too much. Since it is only a few months old, he literally is only knocking a couple of grand of the new price. So your one is much more reasonable. Is it from LHD Porsche?

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no worrys servo,it is from a lhd porsche dealer in the uk, but am having second thoughts about getting a manual this may sound daft but iv not even had a test drive of a 996 yet as i didnt want to waste my local rhd opc's time,i really should of i know but was dead against when i read the tip was slower 0-60,however since iv heard the clutch is a bit heavy on the manual and the tip is more suitable for the cab as it is more of a cruiser,what do you think have you drove both,thanks ...rob

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