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4 wheel alignmen vs front wheel tracking


10 Jul 2011
Hi there,
seems my front wheels are out of line after an incident with a kerbstone.

A trusted motor engineer has told me that just doing the alignment on the front will be enough.
Porsche would say I need a four wheel alignment, even though the rears are unaffected.

Does anyone know for definite whether I can just have the front wheels done?
No speculations based on fear/uncertainty/doubt /marketing thanks.

Sorry, double post.
When was a full GEO last done. :?:

If it was a while ago it may be worth having it tested on a proper setup. If only one or two corners are out the labour cost of making the adjustments wouldn't be as much. If the whole thing is out it'll be money well spent.
Do it nice, or do it twice. ;)

Yeah, I'd get a proper geo done, but then I view a geo as an annual thing at least, more often if you knock the car or travel on bad roads often.
we use 4 wheel alignment in our workshop and the benefit of this is will also check the camber, caster and set back at the same time , 2 wheel alignment will check your tracking fine but you have piece of mind with four wheel alignment that your tyres will not start wearing and there are no other issues,
it all depends on how hard you hit the kerb , it may be worth checking its not buckled a wheel, even if there is no sign of damage to the rim it is possible
Geo was done about 8 months ago.

OPC checked for any resultant damage prior to the 911UK Euro Tour 2013 and gave a clean bill of health. Obviously didn't check alignments.
You should be able to get a laser 4 wheel geo for c£100 or less :thumb:

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