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3 points £60 stealth tax!


30 Jan 2003
Our friendly tax revenue collectors relieved me of £60 yesterday and kindly gave me 3 points for driving with due care and attention!

Okay, alright so I was speeding but................

I was stuck behind a large van for at least a mile down the Greenford Road in Greenford yesterday, I waited patiently until I reached the bottom of the road where it widens to at least 2 lanes per side and then indicated, and accelerated past the van. As I passed I saw the yellow coated assasins with their Guns. 50 in a 30 zone gunned at 812 yds.

they were waiting at the end of the safest stretch of a 4-5 mile road where either side of the road is a golf course and a lake, not a school or house in site.

Now is that revenue collecting or what, complete b@stards, and they expect the public to be sympathetic.

Now what lazer jammer can I get and where do I hide it to prevent plod from finding it, my clean license now has 3 points and I don't want any more. Might also need a camera detector.

If you live in this area beware.

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Is a laser jammer the same as a radar detector?

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a laser jammer stops the police from getting a reading, therefore allowing you to slow down.

Radar detector merely detect a radar in operation like a Gatso.

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Totally sympathise with you it's got to the point where motorists need to get together and fight the traffic facsists who as you rightly point out stealth tax us out of our hard earned cash under the guise of safety. A politician with a pro-motoring stance would have a lot of votes to gain right now!

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cheers Bones, totally agree its getting out of hand.

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Total Sympathy Poon. I am using the Origin B2, best one I've by far. Not yet gone the full mile and got a LC100 laser jammer yet but I will do if the governmetn don't wake up to how unpopular this speeding Tax is.

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Complete sympathy. I've been caught twice by a mobile unit (in 6 months) and got 3 points each time for doing 58 in a 50 .... on a stretch of the A1 ... hardly excessive speed or a danger (on a dual carriageway)

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Bad luck Poon. At least you're still driving!

As people have found out about my ban, I've discovered that just about everyone I know has at least 3 point, if not 6 on their licenses at the moment. And I'm not talking about all my mates with fast cars either.

Maybe government policy is to get everyone up to 9 points, and petrified to drive over 25mph anywhere, just in case.

Think of the accident rate when everyone is watching their speedos and not the road... Great plan!


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Go for the LC100 linked to a origin b2 - there was a group buying thread a while back and several ppl on here got lrc100 i believe - i was goin gto add one to the b2 and probably will eventually.

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When are people going to wake up and realise that speed does not cause accident! Lack of attention and bad driving do, and speed makes the outcome worse. Unfortunately it's much easier for the Government to target speeding than to promote good driving, which not only doesn't generate income, it may cost them extra money.

It's just so frustrating that so many people think they can wonder round in their car not looking/concentrating on where they're going, and they'll be safe because they're not speeding! Wake up people, the Government is using your ignorance to tax you to high heaven!!!!

There you go, I've vented my anger, sorry to hear about your misfortune Poon. I was in a similar situation once. After following a lorry for miles on the A46, there's a short bit of dual up hill for less than 1/4 mile, I put my foot down, over took the lorry, pulled back just before it become sigle lane on top of the hill, and saw a van parked on the side just over the brow. That looked a bit odd as there's no lay-by. I braked just in case and then when I came closer, I saw the police watching with the camera out through the back window!! I had to wait for 2 wks to be sure I didn't get caught!

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LRC100's rock! I can honestly say that I've been saved 3 times now!

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spoke to someone at radardetector.co.uk or something like that (ad from p-heads) and he sells both the origin and the roadangel as a kit with the lrc100.

Will probably go for the roadangel and lrc as it is a neater install aparantly, (comes with adaptor and switch to link the two) and the road angel is easier to swap between vehicles, so he says.

Unless anyone on here with the origin/lrc would want to comment.

Thanks for all the sympathy :oops:

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the lrc plugs straight into the origin - the harness has a lead to take the input from a lrc direct - if you wanr to swap the unit you can get a kit for the second car for 99 quid and just put the unit (pager sized) in the car you ar using - i cant commebt on the roadangekl but the origin is a superb piece of kit IMHO

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does the origin power the lrc, this is one of the supposed benefits of the roadangel. less wiring to do as the ciggie point powers the roadangel and this powers the lrc, all that is needed for the lrc is an earth!

can you move the origins cradle from car to car?

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I havent got the lrc but i believe that it can be powered from the origin - have a look at their website for more details - you can buy an additional cradle kit for cars an d move the origin unit from car to car - the roadangel is a standalone unit i believe so will probably be easier to omove from cara to car bu t the lrc will have to stay pu obviosley!

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