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3.8litres=big messy pants


30 Jan 2003
Was up at JZ machtech today to hand over some money and got talking to Jonas about arranging a passenger ride in a car that he had 3.8'd, when in drives the owner of the 3.8 Roock'd car from a 911 Porsche World article. I spot it, persuade the owner to take me out and wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big, big, big hits of torque, amazing sound and power. Had to hold on tight!

Must have one! Soon!

Apparently it pisses all over a GT3.

Got back in my 993 and it was really slow by comparison.

Jonas reckons 315bhp and wait for it 300lb per sq foot of lovely torque.

All for £7500+vat for the conversion, seems cheap until he says,

"of course you'll need a top end at the same time"

another £3000=vat.

That about 12 cecils!

Is there a cheaper way to get more power without turbo's or supercharging?

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Was that the dark green (aventura?) 993?

- slippery slope! :eek:

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Yeah the one in Aug 2003 issue.

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Sounds good.......

but £12k??

Think I'd save for a turbo!!

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Yeah, I thought about the turbo route, but you've got to deal with lag etc, plus a good low mile turbo will still cost £45k with higher servicing costs,

My 993 cost me £28k plus £12k for the 3.8, what I get is a new engine in effect and lower overall costs.

I suppose it depends on what flicks your switch.

Will look at other options though.

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£28k+£12k=£40k=very nice lhd 993 TT. :lol: :wink:

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Or RS for that matter.

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If you went ahead with one of these conversions, how would the Insurance company know (if you stacked it and hadn't informed them) that you'd had an upgrade???

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£12k seems a lot to me... maybe because for another £5k I bought my 993....

I don't know. I increased my Calibra from 204BHP to 320BHP for £900!!

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Yeah. Hp increases in Porsche-land don't come cheap

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The RS gives 300hp(not sure about torque) and a lhd example can be had for £35k or less....

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The Roock conversion puts out more power than a standard RS, plus its basically a new engine.

I would not use a LHD car for everyday! Which is what I use my 993 for.

So if I want RS power from a normally aspirated car then I either go down the Roock route, or accept less power (i.e chip and zorst) or the Porsche RS (RHD) route. When RHD RS prices come down to approximately the cost of the conversion+car then that would be the best option, especially in terms of resale and depreciation.

However, who knows how long that will take, especially when RHD models are so rare and can cost anything between £50-£60k.

James is right, extra power doesn't come cheap in Porsche land.

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As far as Insurance companies are concerned the only way they would know is by checking the ecu, measuring the pistons, CC'ing the heads, inspecting the profiling on the cams, measuring the fuel metering etc.

I think that if you tell em youv'e got a sports exhaust on you'll get away with it.

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How did you get an extra 50% hp out of the Calibra for only £900,

Did you drop in a Rover V8 or something.

Or was it the old laughing gas?

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The prices of 993RS's are a complete mystery to me. They are now only slightly less than a GT3. When the new GT3 starts becoming available on the 2nd hand market it will be interesting to see if the old GT3 actually becomes cheaper than the 993RS.

It is all very odd.

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