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3.8 LHD


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22 Dec 2004
there is a 3.8 for sale at Mr Firmans place - under 25k.

Just dont ask him how many miles its done - :oops:

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bargain when you look at the rarety value? this is the only other narrow body 3.8 i've seen

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Nice, but walnut looks sooo out of place in any Porsche, especially a Turbo

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Walnut dash? - altogether now - NO !!!

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could always replace it!

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Hi guys, first post, new to the forum, and owner of a 993 since 4 weeks ago. Thanks btw to Poon (great avatar!), Noony, Sundeep and everyone else for their words of wisdom to lurkers like me. Your thoughts have been invaluable on my 6 month quest to find my perfect Porsche!

But wait, I should have searched the forums for comments about wooden trim - apparently it's not well liked :(

For I am a walnutter. Not that i set out to get one with said trim, but it was the 6th car I'd seen that month and it was the interior that really made a positive impression on me, apart from the overall vgc.

There's no point posting any pics, it's a Polar Silver C2 with a blue leather/walnut interior exactly like that in Robert Bill's link above. All the other cars I'd seen had a v basic black 1970s style dash, which i thought looked boring and dated (dons flameproof suit). At least this one had colour and (to me) some tasteful style.

So, there you go - one vote for walnut. And all my passengers so far seem quite impressed too :)
. Any other takers?

Ian P

PS 3 month gaps in threads are ok on the Internet aren't they?

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Hi Ian - didn't know our ramblings could be so useful :wink:

Congratulations on the new car.

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ian - i hope you've got a walnut sterring wheel as well? :wink:

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I'm kinda with ianparky. Not horrified by a bit of wood.

I see Gmund say that car is 'quite unique'. Well is it unique or not? Either it is or it isn't; there's nothing in between...

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Whilst I am not really convinced about the wood in a Porshce, I quite look the 70s look, that particular 3.8 at Gmund is a nice car, I have seen it in the flesh, but the wood does let it down.

On an earlier point about their prices, I think in general they price very competatively, ok so I should amit that I got my car from them, and very happy I am too. All IMHO of course.


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