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3.4 or 3.6


New member
26 Aug 2013
Hi, my question is which engine is best that is a 3.4 or a 3.6 ? Are early models better or worse than later ones ? C2 better than c4's ? I fully understand that as with all cars there are going to be issues ! I just won't to buy the best I can and keep it , this would be my daily car doing about 10 mile a day until the wk end and then the fun will begin !! Thanks . p.s hope to see some of you guys and girls at Gaydon heritage on Sunday . Pps I got the inpresion that manual and tiptronic are both good , it's down to personal choice ! .
Just my own opinion, but knowing what I know now if I was looking for a first 996 I would probably go for a late standard 3.4 manual c2 with around 80-90,000 documented miles.
So much depends upon what your budget is Nath.

A good sensible mileage 996.1 (3.4) will cost more than a high mileage and/or below average 996.2 (3.6).

Both models have their issues. History and current condition are the key drivers.
I'm with kas750
Gen 2 has a glove box and cup holders... :hand:
Exactly, get the 996.1: so much more driving focused :grin:
monty said:
Gen 2 has a glove box and cup holders... :hand:

The 996.1 had cup holders.
Damn, I've bought a car without a glovebox :sad:
GT4 said:
Exactly, get the 996.1: so much more driving focused :grin:

I'd normally bow to your superior knowledge but in this case... Where will you put your driving gloves in your driver focused car? :dont know:
Erm, on my hands?

Or have I missed something?
Not so long ago when the shared Boxster face, weeping RMS, and high failure rates on IMS bearings were hurting the 996.1's image, the sensible thing to do was up the budget and buy into a face lifted 3.6.

Now with Bore Score being the front page news, the informed will suggest a 3.4 for it purity, reliability!!! and possible 'future classic' status.

I'd say ignore all that and buy the car YOU want and not what you think others wish you had bought! just go into ownership with your eyes wide open!

Happy Hunting.
996.2 is a better car, looks better, and has a quicker engine.

Buy on condition and your budget.

Good luck.

See you at Gaydon on Sunday.

I will probably be in my blue 964.
Work out your budget, take a look at the classifieds and enjoy the buying process! There are lots of good cars out there, both 3.4 and 3.6, so worth looking around and seeing what takes your fancy. There a lots of colour combinations and options to consider too.

There are plenty of threads on here covering what to keep an eye out or when viewing a prospective purchase.
tbrown said:
The 996.1 had cup holders.
Damn, I've bought a car without a glovebox :sad:

:hand: you kept this quiet! You need to get yourself back on the Goodwood Charity Paddock event :thumb:

PS Sorry about hijacking the thread

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