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3.2 Carrera Suspension


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7 Mar 2003
As I feared the Bedford track day has cost more than just the money on the day!

Car is going up to JZ week after next for a 4 wheel alignment, new shocks and a front strut brace. Engine leakage test as well so we can see how worn it is and maybe do something there in the near future.

Interesting thing is though, popular belief is that the Sport package was the spoilers and green Bilstein shocks. However, it would appear that all 3.2s except the Supersport (certainly G50 onwards anyway, not sure about 915) came with Boge shocks but there was an option to have 'Sport' Boge shocks. Build option code for this is 474.

Jamie, this would explain why neither of our cars seemed to have green shocks at the weekend. And if you have option 474 then your car may be a Sport after all.


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I blew a full set of tyres on my last trackday (a full day on a concrete airfield). The need for further speed soon gets the better of you!

Mine's the same as yours Simon by the sounds of it, ie has the spoilers but Boge dampers. Looking at opinions on Pelican parts, irrespective of how well you think your car handles, most people say the single biggest improvement they've made to their cars (bar none) is the fitting of Bilsteins. The recommendation is for Bilstein Sports on the rear and HD's on the front. I'm going to go with this option when I overhaul the rest of the suspension within the next couple of months. Best place for Bilstein prices so far seems to be Euro Car Parts. Pelican looks favourable with the current $ rate but the shipping ($230!) wipes out any savings.

I'd be interested to see if you think the strut brace helps too.

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''Something in the near future''-supercharge it! Then watch the GT3RS's slowly decrease in size in the rear view mirror...

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Simon, are you going to get it done before the next Bedford track day? I'm planning on getting my car sorted too before the next track day, most likely Bedford if there's one available. It's amazing how much more you notice the body roll compared to street driving!

If you just add the front strut brace, wouldn't it just make the car under-steer more?

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Nathan, haven't decided yet whether to go for the Sport Boge shocks or the Bilsteins. Initial advice from JZ is to stay with Boge unless I intend to track the car all the time. Will discuss in a bit more detail before I decide. Front strut brace is being done at the same time so I won't have a before and after drive with just that but they say it's a very worthwhile thing to do with the car being old, and compared with the cost of shocks and 4 wheel aligns it's not expensive.

Mick, its being done week after next. I fancy Bedford again too I think, especially if the car is going to handle differently than before. My understanding of the brace is that it will simply be holding things together as they should be at all times.


PS Noony, that would be some supercharger!

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I checked all the numbers ages ago and mine is definitely not a sport, just had the spoilers as an option. As our cars get older it gets more and more to figure out how they came off the production line as bits get changed and replaced over time, but I'm pretty sure yours is a kosher 'sport' - definiely got the sports seats and spoilers at least !!! Not entirely convinced by what you say re the Sports shocks. The Sport option definitely came with the Bilsteins, however towards then end of the 3.2's life ie '89 build year they ran out of the Bilsteins, so the last few Sports only have the Boge shocks. If it was Jonas or Steve as JZ who told you this then I will defer to their greater knowledge though!!!

Some other things worth considering are :

Turbo tie rod kit (sharpens up the steering and helps turn in)

7" front wheels (ditto)

Racing pads and brake fluid (I think this is really important as you will start to cook your brakes before you know it)

Cheaper way of dealing with the shocks is to go for Bilstein insterts in your existing Boge struts (about half the price, but not quite as good as going for the whole Bilstein strut).

I'm intending to get my suspension sorted out soon, but I reckon it's at least a £1000 job to go for Bilsteins all round - then it needs to be set up properly, another £200 or so. I think I need to save my pennies first. I've already shelled out £500+ this week on new pads all round and front discs (I was braking metal on metal by the end of Saturday and actually managed to wear right through a front disc !!!!)

Welcome to a very expensive habit. I've spent in excess of £7K over the last 18 months (excluding petrol / tax / Insurance / track days etc) !!!!


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I would have agreed with you about Boge/Bilstein last week. But it is Steve and Dave at JZ who have told me this. Also, hunting around tinternet a bit, quite a few places just mention the Sport having "uprated" shocks, not specifically Bilstein.

Costs you mention are about right. £1004 inc vat and fitting for new Sport Boge shocks. Cost would be similar for Bilstein shocks and the relevant inserts. 4 wheel align is £220 +vat.

My car had new brake pads when I bought it last July. So Im planning on just wearing them out for now. Will probably get some brake upgrades done this July when I have the car serviced.

I can see how £7000 could be spent quite easily, but you can't take it with you so what the hell!


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by SimonK on 12 March 2004

you can't take it with you so what the hell!
I agree wholeheartedly, I just never had it in the first place !!!!

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Euro Caro Parts Bilstein dampers x4 (inserts on the front) £523 inc vat, and not rocket science to fit yourself either...

I agree with Jamie on the brakes too. I took 5mm off my front pads in one day, and by the end of the day had no brake pedal as the fluid had boiled. Had to leave the car for half an hour before the pedal would come back!

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Car has been up at JZ all week, am picking it up in the morning. Have a nice cross country route home planned.

New shocks, turbo steering rack/rods/thingy/whatever, front strut brace, 4 wheel align, new tyres, and probably something else Ive forgotten. Jonas says he road tested it this afternoon and its completely different, drives like a brand new car. Lets hope I agree!


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Nice one Simon, can't wait to see the results. At Bedford perhaps? :wink:

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Jonas was not lying - the car is totally transformed. Steers nicer, corners a lot better and rides more comfortably too. Was really flinging it about round some wet corners this afternoon which is not something Id have felt able to do before.

The bit Id forgotten was the gearbox oil / clutch fluid change. This has made both feel nicer and only cost £50.

Yeah, hoping to go to Bedford at easter Noony - just waiting for Sean to confirm he has me a place.


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See you there :wink:

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Are you guys going to be there on 10thApril? Damn, wish I could go! Have to wait till 29thMay. I might get my car sorted before that.

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Yep. I'll make sure I take lots of pics this time.

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