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2m 31s of complete *****


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1 Oct 2010
... Seriously... Was this video created as some kind of piss-take?? Utter rubbish in my humble opinion.... PR machine in overdrive ... exercise in pure marketing BS.

Yep shite and boring :sad:
Very sad... They can churn out some decent stuff when they want, like the Porsche Classic videos and that Roots in Racing not Posing video was good. Seems a lot of the new car stuff will forever suffer from the US-style corporate marketing BS... But so long as it sells cars why would they care eh.. :roll:
Grim ad
oh my, that is really at good at all. i was praying this would just turn out to be an Audi ad... :eek:
That was epic! I really enjoyed it, although I did start to feel a bit sickly towards the end. If Ricky Tomlinson was reading the script it would have been perfect.
I think the script was generated by a computer.
Watch it again - but imagine it's Janet Street-Porter reading the script. A huge improvement.

Porsche are so far behind the curve these days it's hard to believe. With an organisation as huge as Porsche you'd think that someone would step in at some point and say;

'we can't put that out boys - no way. Bin it. Just show a short vid of the car with no dialogue. And not the one that shows how difficult it is to get at the air filter - for God's sake!' :grin:
After viewing the comments, I will waste 2m31 secs of my life elsewhere.

2m31s of complete *****

Lost the will to go on after the first 20 seconds!!! :sad:

Does not do the car justice in any way.

Don't know what market this garbage is aimed at, but not up to snuff for most UK/European punters. Seems directed towards the US market maybe.
It certainly hangs heavy in the air somewhat.
I can see where they were going. It definitely appeals to the Ford Focus driver. Shame they missed the target audience.

Good joke about hoping it would be an Audi ad... actually like the R8 advert though... pure car revving, engine blasting on a rolling road... cool idea

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