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265's on a C4S


28 Dec 2009
Stay with me.

I often think a C4S is entirely overtyred on the rear.
I mean, it's not a Turbo is it.

If I got hold of a 10j Twist 2 and ran a 265 on it - that would work, shirley?

Has anyone ever done it?

Work fine, look crap.

What's not being a Turbo got to do with it?
Not enough power to break traction = no need for 295's

The only time the rear slid cornering was on a wet Silverstone in February and, as everyone knows, I am an international driving god, modest with it too,

Narrow body cars ran 265 section rears.

I'm wondering if a C4S would be more playful/delicate on a 265 section rear.

I think about things so wonder if anyone's already done it.

Maybe I need to drive a narrow body early car to find out.
Mines always run on 295s and its narrow body.
Speak for yourself I can make my c4s go sideways in the dry but not at uk road speeds if you want that buy an MX5
Winny911 said:
Speak for yourself I can make my c4s go sideways in the dry but not at uk road speeds if you want that buy an MX5

Why don't you just swap your wheels round and see how it handles - fronts on rear, rears on front. :dont know:
If you flip the gear box upside down and rotate the seats 180 degrees it would be a be like a conventional car
Last year my 11J's were still at my mechanic when lockdown started so I ended up putting Pilot Sport Cup 2's on the 10J winter rims. I thought it was pretty good. Mine has spacers on the rear which improved the looks situation.
I have a set of 265/35 rear and 235/40 front all season tires that I run when it is too cold for the PS2s. They run fine but I run the 265s on 9 inch rims as they looked very stretched on 10 inch rims.

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