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25 MPH Bing - HELP!!

S Cheadle

New member
8 Aug 2005

I have a 996 C2 UK RHD car and have now moved to Zürich. In order to get the car pass its checks, I had to change the digital speedo to KPH. Unfortunately what happens now is the car lets out a single loud "bing" to let me know when I hit 25MPH. This is absolutely driving me up the wall!! (Literally, every time you go below 25 and back over it this damn bell rings). Does anyone know if this can be turned off?



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Hi S - welcome to zurich!!

im sure your pinging is just a sofware issue and can be turned off - have a word with your local dealer or pm me for a good specialist.

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I seem to remember that this is a standard function controlled through the normal computer setup - second stalk on the steering column. If you search the forums you may find the posting, although I couldn't...


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Lojo is right. Check your speed limiter which is located on your on-board computer. Think you will find it in the 'limit' section of the menu.

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Its a piece of cake to turn off, use the stalk to find the Limit, then scroll down and click on the 25 MPH LIMIT - its too easy to explain clearly! I accidentally turned it on once and was going crazy until I figured how to turn it off!

Do you not have a manual? If you want one, I know a guy who sources old manuals and sells them for a little mark up - well worth getting one if you don't have one!

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Many thanks for the replies, I found it. I do have a manual, but it is in the UK.

You have saved my sanity!!



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