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2007 Cayman


New member
12 May 2006
Here's an article that offers a small insight on the 2007 Cayman on TopSpeed. You can find information about features, design and general prices, as well as a launch date.

Also available are some high resolution pictures of the Cayman (they work great as wallpapers :p)

"...With its high and sustained propulsive power in the lower and medium speed ranges, the engine puts in an impressive performance. It has a top speed of 160 mph. This sports car with manual transmission accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds. The Cayman is convincing proof of the fact that outstanding performance statistics do not necessarily mean high fuel consumption. According to European standards, it consumes on average only 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers...."

Quoted from TopSpeed; you can read it all here:


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That looks like it came from the brochure, Mike - but the best part was this :

"The basic price in euros for the Cayman is 40,900 euros. In Germany, the vehicle costs 47,647 euros including sales tax and country-specific requirements. The Cayman will be on sale in the USA for 49,400 dollars."

So a basic Cayman costs £28k in Germany and £26k in the US - no wonder they have "disappointing" sales here!

Makes you realise that grey imports are still on!


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You must have to pay tax in the US, on this price though?


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Those are attractive prices - may pop into a Porsche dealership in Germany!

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that's not the Germany price, if ONLY !

also the rest of the world isn't as obsessed with the next years model... so the 2007 Cayman is still the 2006 Cayman, etc


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Cheapest second hand Cayman i could find in Germany was 52k Euro's, with 8k Km's.

40,900 Euro's must be super poverty spec......

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that web needs better researchers !

yanks have probably got their pounds and euros mixed up ! very funny

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Just realised that Mikem1's last post was :


Brand new review on the 2006 Cayenne CLR 400 GT, with a bundle of information on features and design.Also available is a picture gallery for fans to enjoy :p"In addition to lowered suspension and 22-inch wheels, the SUV also gets widened fenders, which, in our estimation look pretty darn good. The car also gets a reworked front fascia with a new grille, bumper, and hood..."You can find the rest of the article here, on topspeed:


I guess the reviews are pure 'cut n paste' from the brochure - pretty crap anyway.

He obviously thinks 911 fans will care about standard reviews on Cayenne and Cayman etc.


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Yeah - come on mike - lets have some stuff about 911s! I don't even care if it is a pimped version! :D

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