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2002 996 targa. Rough tick over and error codes.


New member
16 Nov 2012
I have a 2002 996 Targa.
On the way home yesterday, while stuck in traffic my car stalled and died.
Car restarted but rough tick over, but ok when tick over raised to about 1500 rpm. And managed to drive it home.
on plugging in a durametric tool the long list of faults were seen.
I have reset faults and left with the single fault P0343

looks like an issue with bank 1 cam position sensor, crank deviation shows 0 on that bank.

Would other cleared faults of occurred due to sensor failure ?

looks like investigating, fault finding and parts required.

Other wise car has been ok and was performing well with about 20,000 miles on a rebuilt engine, car has done 136,000 miles.

any thoughts appreciated,

Also is there a topic or site just for Durametric questions of this nature ?

I have the Pro version and live in Bexleyheath, Kent, UK if anyone wants to check there car out ....




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I have discovered the Bank 1 cam sensor to be faulty.
lucky not the wiring. For any one doing this it is just possible to swap if the nearby radiator hose clamp is lossened and you can just get a 5mm Alan key in the bolt to remove.

Also there is a lot of confusion on sensor and bank 1 location on various forums.
The code I was seeing was P0343 and Durametric stated phase sensor 1 (camshaft hall sensor 1).
I believe this to be bank 1, but 50% of people are stating different sides.

Bank 1 is the left hand side of the engine if looking at the crank pulley end. Cam sensor is to the right of the green or black top cam plug.

discrepancy arises due to perception of what's the left and right, drivers side (as not all countries drive on the same side of the road), and orientation of engine as in the Boxster it's the other way round !

annoyingly sensor was a recent fit during a full rebuild. Purchased as OEM from a well known UK supplier of Porsche parts. But on looking part is not named.
seems strange a 'OEM" quality supplier would not mark up the part.
Original (kept for spare and now used again) part is marked up Bosch.

P0343 code has currently gone and I can see cam change deviations (?) as the revs increase. Previously they weren't changing.

now to drive it !



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