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2002 996.2 stereo upgrade from an upgrade - help needed pls


30 Jul 2021
Hi, after picking up my 996.2 C2 last week I have decided I'd like to install an apple car play DAB system (with a CD unit), I'm currently honing in on the Pioneer AVH-Z5200DAB or AVH-Z3200DAB.

There seems to be a lot of information on upgrading from PCM 1 & 2, but I'm unclear on what I might need upgrading from the existing system which is an Alpine INE-W920R with reversing camera (great system just lacking apple car play).

I'm not particularly technically gifted when it comes to these things but have switched out stereos and other car related jobs in the past. Logic is telling me that it should be an easy switch because the facia and wires will be a plug and play with the new system (including rear camera), but with the additional need for a DAB antenna.

Does anyone have any experience doing something similar, or can provide any advice to how complex a task it will be (if it is too involved I will pay someone to fit it, I don't want to be splicing wires etc.).

I have also noticed that my CD auto-changer doesn't work (it doesn't appear to have any power going to it), I assume it was disconnected when the new head unit was installed, is it possible to use the 6-disc changer with an after market head unit like the Pioneers? I know CDs are old school these days but my kids have so many story books on CD it is quite a useful but of (dated) tech for me.

P.S. I can't make my peace with paying for the PCCM+ system, I can't doubt it looks fantastic but at that price its a bit over the top.

Many thanks for your input.
Congrats on the new car.

I have an older Pioneer CarPlay unit in mine, but it's hard to say what you'll need without knowing how the current Alpine unit was installed in yours.

So you'll really need to remove the old one & check.
if you're lucky they will have used some iso adaptors & it'll be plug & play for power & speaker connections. It would be worth downloading an installation manual for the Alpine to compare with the Pioneer to compare wiring.
You may need an adaptor for the aerial if the new unit differs to the alpine & of course a dab aerial as you've mentioned. I doubt you'll need anything else.

Re cd changer - the original Porsche/Becker one is unlikely to work with the Alpine or Pioneer units. If that's important to you, you should consider checking if Pioneer make an auto changer compatible with your new head unit, but it might be cheaper to just rip the kids cd's
Thanks that's pointing me in the right direction to explore.

I'm not too fussed about the cd autochanger, the new unit has a single CD player in the cabin and it's easy enough to put all the cds onto my iPhone.

The last time I upgraded, things had moved on a bit.

I had to wire up from the new head unit to existing wiring, making individual connections using those heat shrink solder joint things.

It wasn't that bad as the old setup had the cables marked for purpose and the new head unit had a wiring diagram included.

Took maybe an hour, with a Clipper lighter to heat the shrink wrap solder joints.

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