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2000 rpm impossible on my 993

imported_Mitch Rustem

Well-known member
2 Aug 2006
Hi all,

I have just bought myself a Gtech Pro SS performance meter. I need to calibrate it to the 993 at certain revs. The first calibration is done at 4000 rpm, this has been no problem and calibration was done successfully. However the second calibration at 2000 rpm is impossible. I have asked other people to try and keep the pedal down at a level as to run the engine at 2000 rpm, they also could not do this simple task.

Applying the slightest pressure on the accelerator revs the engine to around 2200 or just above, take the slightest pressure off and its down to a steady 800 rpm.

Please, for my sanity can somebody kindly try this and let me know if it is at all possible? I rang my mechanic and he suggested I do this by applying the hand brake, selecting a gear and controlling the revs with the clutch. I haven't tried this as yet but am pretty sure it will work. I'm just puzzled as to why it is not possible simply by applying the necessary pressure on the accelerator.

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My 993 was exactly the same, dont know why,

I though I had a faulty air flow meter, however the car went ok.

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Mitch, mine does that as well..... seems to be stable quite higher.... but makes keeping a balanced throttle a bit tricky on track days !

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Cheers guys. At least I now know this is not a problem and is common to all 993's.


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