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2 Oil Level driving questions on 993... !


31 Dec 2002
first observation......


for a '96 variram

under full acceleration beyonf 5000rpm on upwards, the oil level drops into the RED ?

but when I back off the power & into a HIGHER gear at lower RPM after a few seconds it's back to normal..

er.... ok ?


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Ignore the oil level gauge completely unless:

1) You are only idling

2) You are on a flat surface

3) The temp gauge has reached at least the first mark

It is perfcetly normal as under load the oil should be running around the engine to keep it cool - not sitting in the resevoir for measuring.

BTW you check the dipstick on a 993 under the same conditions i.e. engine ON and idling! (caught me out on my 911)

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The oil level meter only works - on the flat - not moving and with a warm engine. It should be horizontal the gauge(as a general rule)

It will drop down once the revs go up....

Use the dip stick under the condtions mentioned above and keep constant eye on it - these engines do consume oil.

Do not under or over fill.

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You beat to it Toby :|

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Guys, I was always told that you should check oil on 993 under the following conditions:

1) Engine warm

2) Flat surface

3) Engine switched off (is this bit right???)

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With both my 911 (aircooled) I have alway been told with engine running.

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cheers guys.....

I now what must have happened.. but have I done something wrong ???

checked it and the level is at about 90% so ok....

BUT after a quick 20mins (ENGINE NOW HOT) drive the IDLE level is now at the Max point (and at some points over MAX!)

err.. ? did I overfill ? but remembering that the dip stick says it's at 90%.. or is it the fact the engine is HOT ?

so what happened to make me overfill..

picked up the car.. engine still cold.... oil was was in the red..... so kept putting in a litre of oil some german 0W40 brand and ended up putting in the entire litre until the level got out of the red..... to about 3/4

but as I did that with the engine not on and still cold I thought the oil level was too low....

still ok ?

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You have to check the dipstick with the engine warm and at idle (car on the straight).

The level on the dipstick is what you should use to do this, only use the dash gauge as guidnce. Make sure the oil markings on the stick are neither under or as more likely over the twists of the stick.

Personally I would not mix brands of oil and I stick to Mobil 1 and the car has used that from new.

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Just to emphasise -

The way to check the oil - verified by the Porsche 993 manual!

1) Engine warmed up to FULL operating temperature - because oil expands as it heats up.

2) Park the car on a Flat surface - not a sloping drive!

3) Engine switched ON at tickover for thirty seconds minimum - and leave it running as you check the dipstick!

The difference between the min and max marks on the dipstick is 1.5 litres

DO NOT OVERFILL or run at below minimum!

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The main reason you need to wait until the engine is up to temperature is that there is a valve which allows oil to flow to the front-mounted oil intercooler [you can often hear a gurgling sound when it opens and you're at a standstill]. The dipstick and dashboard level gauge are calibrated assuming the valve is open; so if it's closed [i.e. temp gauge below second mark] the readings will be meaningless.

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ahhhhh learn something new every day.


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by WillD on 22 July 2004

ahhhhh learn something new every day.


thank you all !

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Welcome to 993 ownership Sundeep.

Its a good idea to get a 993 manual from your OPC or specialist (assuming you have the German version in your service book). Cost is about £12 from memory.

Overfilling can do all kinds of horrible things to the engine, so check regularly. Enjoy.

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And by the sound of it Sundeep, I reckon you have probably overfilled. You should now check carefully again using Stevo's procedure, and if it is over the full mark on the dip stick.... perhaps you should drain a little out?

Incidentally, my dash gauge for the oil level is all over the place in normal driving conditions, so that's nothing to worry about. As has been said, it's only a guide anyway, and is only of any meaning on a level surface, engine warm, at tickover.

Happing Porsching!


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