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1999 911 Porsche Carrera


New member
23 Nov 2003
I am the proud new owner of a 1999 911 Porsche Carrera. I purchased this car off of ebay from Naples MotorSports.

It is a rose color and all interior rose attributes. (www.naplesmotorsports.com/inventory) The dealer said it was a one of a kind sample color done by Porsche. How much truth is there to that? Would Porsche create a one of a kind sample color? Or do you believe this would be repainted by the dealership?? Not a deal breaker, just wondering...

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Porsche AG will do one off colours as part of the "Exclusive" program at substantial extra cost if a customer so desires. The only problem with special colours is that they can limit the market for re-sale.

The easiest way to tell if a car has been colour changed it to check the options sticker in the service book and under the bonnet, the colour code of the car from the factory is listed there.

Paul, 996 GT3

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Website doesn't work but it sounds pretty cool. As Paul said, porsche will do anything you want as long as you have the dosh.

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I believe that was a special order for Lady Penelope !

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That has been for sale for many months now, it was shown on flat-6 in a humour thread. It sure will get you attention!

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You only need one buyer at re-sale time. Probably wouldn't work in Glasgow but should look good in the 'states.

Change the wheels though. Gunmetal alloys would look better

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I know you all must think its a bit nuts -- but it fits me to a T!

I was most interested in whether or not it was a factory paint job or dealer... and how to tell the difference... just for my own knowledge. Doesn't matter to me -- I still love it :)

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It will almost certainly be factory-check the sticker in the front of the handbook for the option codes and it should say ''exclusive exterior colour''(or something similar) and the option code. No sane dealer would respray a car pink, as it would drastically reduce the market and value of the car. Whatever floats your boat eh?!

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It's tarting to grow on me.

Noony did you see the LHD 993 TT that I missed on Sant Agata website. Sold unfortunately. Almost makes the Pinker look understated.

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Haha yes, but you told me no LHD.

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Colour for the 996..

The data stickers (under the hood and in the book ) may well be something like L999 or L996 which means colour to sample (but of what? :wink: ). You should find behind the trunk carpet, left side of car, on chassis rail a sticker, this should bear the colour name and another paint code.

Adrian C 911secrets.com performance2and4.co.uk

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