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1980 911 SC for sale - thoughts on price?


25 Feb 2020
I saw this on autotrader for £46k and am sorely tempted.

https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-de...nesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&page=1

However I know comparatively little about the SC and current values (badly missed the boat on the early 911s and currently driving a 997). Does this look like a reasonable asking price?

Also unsure of the wisdom of buying a 1970s car with a targa roof and storing it outside - better to wait until I have a more car-appropriate house?
Seems overly expensive on first glance. It looks to have had a fair bit of money spent freshening it up, but what lies under the paint..? These cars rust and perhaps Targas more than coupes due to body flex. Have a look at the rubber seal around the Targa hoop in the pics... I suspect a colour change may reduce the value in the minds of many.... I would not buy a Targa, if street parking was my only option. :?:
Thanks. Regardless of whether this is a proper restoration or a cosmetic freshening of a below average car, I think you have answered my question about storing a 40 year old targa on my drive. :hand:
It's not in its original colour so that will affect values. It looks to have had money spent on it and whilst it's good visually the issue with these cars is what lies beneath so it needs a professional inspection before proceeding.

If you haven't got a garage to store it then I wouldn't buy it. Also you need to drive one and be absolutely sure you can live with going backwards from a 997.

You need to look at a few and compare prices as the spread can be huge based on what you get.

Targa SC least desirable but have been a slow burn with rising values given their more retro looks.
Seems this vid has been made just for you Leopold..?


This car has been repainted and since then rusted, look at the thickness of filler in the door shuts and the "quality" of the patchwork on the front crossmember, which would leave wondering at the repair processes which seem likely to be hiding under the paint elsewhere.

One saving grace is that at least the underside has not been covered in underseal to hide bodge. I am a tad disappointed that No27 did not take the time to look closely at the rear suspension (torque tube) and the area around it`s mounting points which seems likely to be quite the most involving and expensive area to effectively repair on an old Porsche..? A simple job to plate over the exterior but there are complex structures within and I suspect he majority of the suspension loading on an air cooled would seem to depend on that very critical area. Not a simple area to check out, but a tap with a pin type hammer and the sound created and the feel of the rebound can determine if there is rot to be worried about or not. Of coarse if it is fully loaded with aftermarket underseal then the sound created and rebound when tapped would be dull much the same as it sounds when rotten.. To explain further on rebound... using the hammer like a tuning fork and not trying to dent the metal with the blow.

One would need X-Ray vision to be able to KNOW the difference between a high quality metalwork repair and a bodge, much more so when both have had the benefit of a highly skilled bodywork refinishers best efforts.

PATCHWORK PORSCHES of this era abound, I have owned and greatly enjoyed a rot box with a very high percentage of patchwork, but there are risks involved in an accident relative to deformation...I guess I just accepted those risks as do those who climb mountains or go sailing, etc. etc. etc. :?:
I like that! Two owners in 17 years is good and you know where the work has been done to speak with them plus a link for many pics, hopefully including the body work undertaken.

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