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1976 911s Targa


New member
21 Jun 2003

I am in the process of viewing and possibly buying a 1976 2.7 Targa S. I bought a buyers guide online but this was very non-commital about the engine being suspect. gearbox problems e.t.c

The vehicle in question has had the engine rebuilt about 8 years ago and has done 40000 Km's since. There is a bill from a porshce main dealer for around €8000 for the full rebuild. The owner has the vehicle listed as 165 PS. Doeas this indicate that it is a U.S import?

Apart from mentioning to check the floorpan for rust because of the targa not really that much more advise.

Anyone offer advise what to check for? Is there a definitive bill of materials somewhere which shows which parts should be on which vehicle?

Any help would be much appreciated.


James Walker

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Hi James (I can't believe we have another James on the forum - there must be about 10 now!)

Welcome to the board. I am afraid I don't know what 165 PS signifies.

Re. what to look for, do a search on this forum for "check list" and you should find a few checklists that people have used when looking at 70's abd 80's 911s. These should be pretty useful. There aren't really any specific issues with the '76 to look for other than heat-related damage to the engine, and in theory, the rebuild should have covered this. Having said that, 8000 euros is not that much for a rebuild so it may only have been the top end. I would want to see some Documentation for the rebuild, ideally with photographic evidence. Without any evidence of the work done, you should assume nothing was done.

When looking for rust, look around the base of the windscreen and on top of the rear wheel arches. These are common places for rust to occur. Check panel gaps, ease of door shutting, signs of over-spray etc for evidence of crash damagte repair.

When driving the car, look for a smokey exhaust - smoke on deceleration is a sign of worn valve guides. Make sure the car starts fine both cold and warm. Check that you can engage each gear OK. 915 gearboxes are not known for their smooth operation but a good one shfits fine - no graunching etc. Then do the usual checks - does the car track straight and does it brake evenly in a straight line.

I would also check for things like the original tool set, spare etc. If these are all present it is a sign the car has been looked after.

As a final point, this car should be really cheap for you to seriously consider it. There is not that much demand for 2.7s due to their chequered history and the fact that both the Carrera 3.0 and SC that followed it are faster and more robust. Targa's are even less popular due to leaks and the loss of the classic 911 lines. As a result, I would not expect to pay more than about £7000 for a 2.7 even in perfect condition and personnally I wouldn't touch a 2.7 with part or missing history. There are loads of nice cars out there so don't rush into buying something less than perfect.

Cheers, James

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Thanks a lot for your input Guys.

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