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18'' Alloys


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CARRERA'S !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well thats what i bought.

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Oh and be prepared for just a little, teeny weeny bit of tramlining !!!!!!

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I have 18" Veloce GT1 wheels on my Targa and tramlining was aweful till I did 2 things;

Fitted a front suspension strut brace - 137 quid from Carnewal.

Reduced the tyre pressures to 32 front and 40 rear.

Now a softer ride and virtually eliminated the tramlining. Pressures are fine for speeds around the legal max - just increase a couple of pounds at a time to judge the correct settings for higher speeds or bumpier roads.

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Yep, Carreras...

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Stevo - did reducing the tyre pressure really work ? Does it work by itself or only with the strut brace as well ? Any noticable tyre wear or anything negative ? Cos my tramlining is so bad that on some roads,esp with truck worn grooves, its like wrestling with an oiled matress.

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If anyone is interested, i finally got to the bottom of my tramlining issue. I spoke to gert at carnewal who said that a strutbrace wouldnt help at all. He said that if my car was lowered to below than RS height then this would make tramlining and bumpsteer more pronounced. He supplied the info to measure the ride height and it was just belwo RS height (my car has Ruf adjustable set up). So whilst i was on holiday i left my car at my mechanic for him to raise the ride height to just above RS height and for him to do a full geometry check, tracking check and to corner weight the car. When i collected the car my mechanic said that the problem was a litle better but not completly resolved. He pointed to my tyres and said "Thats your problem, they are *****". Tyres are...............Pirelli P Zero's. So this weekend just gone i swopped my summer rims for winter rims which have Michelin snow tyres and whaddya know - bumpsteer and tramlining reduced by about 99%. Apparantly the P Zero's are designed to "run flat" andt therefore have more stiffer sidewalls and give less over bumps etc. So once the P Zero's are worn out i wont be replacing them with the same brand. Anyways many thanks to Gert and Angelo Pallavicini cars in Zurich. Thanks you and goodnight.

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Carrera's all the way,

I was going to get Sports Design jobbies on my 996 but was encouraged by my dealer that the Carrera's were the way to go.

Also, I have my car washed every week and the guys who wash it always clean the entire alloy - so the inside is spotless as well - you can never reach the inside of the Sports Design jobs.

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Carreras - just put them on my 993, look great! 8)

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GT3 Sport Designs.

They finish off the car nicely.


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