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108k 911 Turbo


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17 Sep 2003
As I have mentioned I am currently on the look out for a 993 TT. I recently viewed a nice Silver example 96 P plate with 35k on the clock. It had the original purchase receipt for £108,450.

I smell a rat. Surely these cars didn't cost £100k. Did they?

Anyone have any potential ideas? I thought perhaps you got a small house in the Lake District with it.

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May well have done if it was speced up.

Share with us more details of the spec.


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Hi Steven

How much was it offered at out of curiosity?

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Johnny- Spec was good; cruise, ruffled leather, sunroof, carbon dash but I thought most spec was standard on the turbo.

Hendo- How you doing? That advice you gave me was spot on- thnaks. Things are nipping on at a pace and I will no doubt PM you with some more questions. The TT was offered at £46500.

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I too was a little surprised at the £100+ pricemark, but it was confirmed when i researched a few and talked to the original owners.

993 TT comes with full spec, however there are some extras which make a little difference.......aluminium hand brake lever/gear knob/dials and Turbo logo on sills. ICE is always a nice creature comfort - not sure about the heated seats though.

Anyone know the standard turbo boost limit? I thought it was 0.8, my one goes to 1.2 and not sure if this has been enhanced?


993 TT - Black with a vengeance

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What was the list price of these then? More than 996 TT?

Any pics of your car?

Sounds sweet. Is it Black with Black?

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my one was reported with a purchase price of £105,000

the confusing thing is that I remember going for one back in '97 with 9miles priced at £79,999. This was just less than 1 year old, however the guy who bought my one from new is adament of the £105k pricemark.

This coincides with a Silver TT I saw in the summer which the owner also mentioned the £105k................maybe it's a cool number that further excites the perspective buyer!

"Sounds sweet. Is it Black with Black"? - Yeah baby you know it, with the aluminium dials which I've never seen before. I'll post some pics soon - can only touch the PC when my baby is asleep.


993 TT - Black with a vengeance

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Look forward to the pics.

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Interesting Rammy

My neighbour in zurich in 1996 bought one new for CHF 250,000. With Xch rate at 1.95 that was £ 128,000. Local Insurance would only insure replacement for CHF 200,000.

Insurance excess of £ 25,641 on a write off

Ouch !! :(

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We have aluminium gauges..aits a strange contrast with the green interior.

a 996 X50 turbo would cost about a £100k without even adding any other options.

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I was told that mine cost almost £110k new. Extras - Factory fit power upgrade (430 bhp), yellow backed sports seats, sunroof, 10 speakers + amp. I was also told the colour (speed yellow) was a special order at the time on the Turbo, but I don't know if it cost more. Knowing Porsche, almost certainly.


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Yours must be the sweetest looking 993 TT ever. I had a look at the pictures of it and have kept my eyes peeled around Edinburgh but I am still to see it.

You are based in Edinburgh are you not?

Let me know when you are in town as I would very much like to see it to see how nice a car this age can be. I am just about to buy one, as opposed to being a stalker!

Steven C

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The car is fantastic, and yes I do live in Edinburgh. I only tend to take it out at weekends, when I'm heading out of town. It's not the best of cars for pootling around town in, and I'm still nervous about parking in the city centre and getting it dented/scratched by a careless parker.

Send me a PM and we can meet up so you can see what to expect from one that (I think) has been well looked after.


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