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1 new car, 2 days, 3 points?

David Winch

19 Jan 2004
Now the proud owner of a silver C2 996 with sports exhaust and it took me only 2 days to get my first flash from a Truvelo. I didnt see the 6 warning signs leading up to it from chatting to my dad! So much for the infra-red not causing a visible flash to oncoming vehicle's, my retna's will never be the same again! B*st*ards.

From what I've read on Truvelo's informative website, they still seem to need film. Lets hope it was a busy couple of days before I turned up. only 89 in a 70 tho, could have been worse. Still, it will be a nice photo for the family album.

Time for an origin B2 I feel.

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Unlucky, not seen any of these truvelos up here (Central Jockland), are they the ones which do you over a quarter mile or are they just instant over measured lines as per le Gatso?


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They're the instant ones, but they can get you from the front or back. The origin B2 and other major rad det's pick them up, but they don't use radar so it can be tricky. I called the company Truvelo up to see how well maintained they are and actually got to speak to the engineer who maintains the particular camera that got me. Nice bloke, I hate to say.

He said there's a chance its run out of film, it could be a dummy flash, or my plate could be obscured by the Espace I was going past. Nothing conclusive, but 2 weeks and counting...

Def picking up a B2 soon tho.

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