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02 Targa Tailgate acuator switch fail


New member
28 Mar 2021
Hi Team
Can any of your targa experts please point me in the correct direction on doing some basic checks to see why my tailgate wil not open.
The switch makes no noise at all unlike the reasuring clunck I used to get and what I still get from my frunk and engine lid!
Thanks and HNY to all.
Tailgate will Not open if it thinks the roof is not closed .. a safety feature ..

Open and close the roof is the first port of call .

You can manually open the tailgate .. should be in the handbook on how to do this .

Micro switches on the tailgate lock wont stop it from opening so i'm dubious that this is the issue.

Microswitch for the roof is on the guide tubes for the cable and behind the tailgate lock .. you have to remove the lock to get access to it but you need to be careful if playing with this part .. with it disconnected the roof can when operated keep going forward .

For me .. tester .. fault codes and a look at the values is first point of call .. bearing in mind Targas and water often mix and the control unit is under the rear wiper then a water leak onto this is possible .

Open and close the roof first though please .

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