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0-207mph / 333 km/h Porsche 991 Turbo S Acceleration

ragpicker said:
Wish I could get an idea of just how fast that feels inside the car...

Same with me, i bets its rapid. leicester got a demo turbo s coming soon and can't wait to try launch control on it
Calling chimp....your new ride is here :thumbs:
Nytol said:
I thought they were supposed to top out at 197mph?

207mph - 5% allowance for speedo inaccuracy = 197mph

For a road car to reach its top speed in 38 seconds is amazing. :worship:

IMO however the most impressive figures are the 0-125 in 11 seconds and 0-180 in under 23 seconds.
wizard993 said:
Calling chimp....your new ride is here :thumbs:


Up to 275 (170 ish) happens very quickly and while exhilarating still feels relatively safe. North of that is bonkers and you need to be a bit unhinged to do it on public roads :puh: I've personally seen 331 on the dash and I can tell you I was sweating like a glassblower's arse :oops:

I'd like to see a drag between that and the 997 - I imagine the new one will pull ahead, but by how much I wonder :?:

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