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£750 to replace condensers and receiver & re-gas ?


1 Aug 2018
Quoted by an independent specialist. Just wanting to understand if this is a reasonable price ? Non Porsche parts.
£200 for the parts, £60 for the regas & around 3hrs labour tops.
If it was a 996 it would be £100 in parts and a few hours, no idea on the newer cars.

emohawk11 said:
Quoted by an independent specialist. Just wanting to understand if this is a reasonable price ? Non Porsche parts.

Who's diagnosed the condensers need replacing? Could easily be a leak elsewhere in the system if it's not been checked properly.
maybe you could source the parts? This may help save a few quid, if they are happy to fit supplied parts

I spent a few quid on O rings and new bolts, I did get non genuine but the sizes on a 996 are slightly different.

if you're handy with the spanners you could swap the parts yourself and get the air con filled?

its the latter r1234yf refrigerant so a little more expensive

is that including VAT?
The condensers are 10yrs old and look in bad shape. Damp dark markings. Whilst there could be a leak elsewhere, I've no doubt the condensers are bad.

The garage quoting is David Phillips Autos. They have good reviews so I'm unsure why the cost is on the high side. The condensers do vary in price from £60 to £200 for third party brands. Not sure what they are using or what the difference is.
Yes the price is inc VAT. It's the cheaper refrigerant. I like the idea of sourcing the parts myself. Too much going on in life (working 2 jobs, redecorating the house) to be wanting to add another item to the to do list by fitting them myself. I'd like to give it a go one day though when I've less going on.
so we are talking £650ish + vat, £300 for parts, the recharge and £300 labour

I guess we all don't have the time to get it done ourselves, that price its a receipt for your history and a no fuss result.

I suppose thats how garages make money
My local mechanic would be charging £150 tops (inc. VAT) for doing that job. Any local mechanic should be a similar price if you don't use a 'specialist'. Parts I posted were under £150. £60 for the regas. I know what I'd be doing......and I'd still have an invoice for my folder.

I'd do most of it myself, I did make the mistake of buying cheap eBay condensers and the fit was shocking, they are holding pressure but didn't bolt to my rads. The ones I bought for my Boxster were a tenner more and fit perfect, luck of the draw

hopefully he gets sorted
I've just had two condensers replaced (£163 + VAT) and 1.5 hours of labour and £45 + VAT re-gas.
I asked for a breakdown of the costs and they are top end;

£280 condensors
dryer £65
re-gas £85
Labour 3hrs £210

Maybe a specialist isn't the best way to go with routine part replacements.

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